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Whether you’re a social media maven or newbie there is always something to learn about using sites like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for your business growth. Oh and let’s not forget about those social bookmarking sites too. I’ve toyed with creating information products and video training series. However, I find that the minute I’ve crafted a lesson, something changes on the social platform and poof, it’s out of date. Hence, there is a lot of value in participating in up-to-the-minute live courses when you can find them.

Learn About New Changes On Social Media Sites

Instead of making these obsolete products, I continue to lead LIVE online courses. Often times new changes are being revealed to everyone (including me) during the course. Talk about putting the teacher on the spot. Nonetheless, there is great value in watching someone navigate the world of social media dynamically, as it’s changing and with a online business mindset. This way when a participant goes to watch the video replay of the class, they are being trained that things change and what the video shows may not work in the future. So this will greatly reduce possible frustrating situations in the future.

Get Your Questions Answered Real Time

One of the greatest rewards for me as an instructor online is the ability to receive and address questions both real time and ahead of the class. I know I am able to deliver more content and higher quality because it’s exactly what the members of the course want.

Find a Program with Built In Ability To Participate on Your Time Schedule

Realizing that not everyone can attend the class live, it’s important to find a class that has a system for interaction between sessions. Members to participate as if they were there live by using a  private member forum or discussion group. I encourage students to ask questions between sessions. Then I make sure and answer the questions during class or on the forum.

Replays Are Key

Repetition is known to be one of the best ways to learn. Since there is so much to cover, an instructor can go a little more quickly if students know they can return to watch it later. Also, if something comes up for a participant and have to miss all or a portion of class, the replay is always there.

Gifts for You

I love teaching social media and working with members in real time. In the spirit of giving I am giving a $200 gift certificate for the next Transform Your Social Net Worth course that starts December 8, 2010. Your coupon code to use at checkout is 2DAY200off. Hurry, there are only 10 more left and offer expires on December 2nd.

As another bonus…. just for visiting you’ll find a FREE webinar on Social Media Success Strategies for Business Growth. Be sure to watch there. From this webinar you will discover how to:

Please share your social media questions here and let me know how I can support your social media success!

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  1. Hey Laura,

    welcome to The Unified Tribe my friend, and it´s great to already see your posts!

    I attended a webinar that you did with Karriann, and it was excellent. You´re women are approaching social media sites like Facebook from a unique perspective.

    Keep going,