Following up with members of your target market is critical to your momentum and business success. My colleague and founder of Productive Learning and Leisure, Rick Itzkowich, put together this great video demonstrating why follow up and following through with potential clients can boost your revenue.

Often times the biggest mystery is how to systematize the follow-up in a simple yet effective marketing campaign. In this video he offers several suggestions. I love them and want to explain to you the systems I recommend using for your client getting follow-up.

Monthly Newsletter

You need a system that allows you to collect email and distribute email messages to them. I use the 1shoppingcartsystem that allows you to collect names on your website like mine over there on the right. Learn more about this system at:

Your newsletter It doesn’t have to be long. It can include any of these:

a. A nice update of sorts on what’s going on in your business, a tip or resource that can be useful for them.
b. Messages about videos you’ve seen or put on YouTube or your blog
c. Surveys about your upcoming products and feedback on recent products/services

QuoteActions – Automated Content Distribution

QuoteActions is Rick’s system that will automatically send your contacts an inspirational quote everyday via email from YOU. That means all you do is add names and email addresses and the rest is done for you)! Plus, it’s more than just a quote, the email message includes a recommended action. It’s like having a coach to motivate you/your clients and prospects.

The email also gets sent out with your contact info. So the next time they have a need for services or products like yours… your email is always in their inbox.

Use the MAIL… yes, snail mail

How often do you get a personal greeting in the mail? Perhaps only two times a year your birthday and the holidays. When you send a card in the mail you stand out! Why not send a thank you card to your loyal clients/customers and a nice meeting you card to prospects? I love the SendOutCards system and so do my clients. You can take a test drive and send a card out for free here…

Using systems like these make it easy to follow-up and you will be the one who gets the $20,000 sale.

Here’s to your success!