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You can count on one thing on Facebook… change. The most recent update rolled out new Pages features and format (as opposed to your Profile). You have until March 10, 2011 to make the change voluntarily. After that, your pages will automatically be updated.

That being said, your pages can be seen in the new format by others who have updated their pages. IMPORTANT: Once you update your page… you CANNOT go back.

Here’s some things you want to make sure and do upon making the change:

  1. Adjust your wall image to the long awaited “new” size: 180 x540 pixels
  2. Set Notifications to determine if you want to receive email when fans interact on your page. (Edit Page -> Your Settings)
  3. Blacklist any keywords you want to avoid being seen on your page by fans. They will go to the spam list only seen by admins. (Edit Page -> Manage Permissions)
  4. Load up photos you want to highlight or delete photos you don’t want showing in the photo boxes at the top by clicking the x that appears when you hoover over that photo. At this time, you cannot make a banner because photos are inserted randomly.
  5. Choose 5 other pages to “Feature” (Edit Page -> Featured)

Things you may not have realized changed:

Need More Answers about New Fan Pages… Here are some great resources:

4 Responses

  1. Another interesting feature that has been added includes a public list of admins. Admins get to pick which of their team members (if any) are listed. Edit Page –> Featured section

  2. Since facebook is always changing, I focus on what I need to do to keep up, optimize and educate others. Some changes are better than others. I do like the feature of being able to post as page and being able to feature other pages. What do you like best about the changes?