How To Link Your Facebook Profile to Your Fan Page

When you make it easy for people to find your fan page. you will get more visitors and people liking your page. Since most people will search for you by name, it would be most advantageous to have links from your profile to your fan page.  There are three places I recommend posting links to your  fan page (or business page) on your Facebook Profile.

  1. Place link to fan page in Mini Bio In the mini-bio box be sure to post a link to your fan page. Make it an active link by including the http:// . In the image to the right you will see where I posted the link (yellow highlighted area) to my fan page you have not yet gotten your unique username (available to you if you have 25 or more people liking your page), then use a link shortener like and create a customized shortened link like
  2. The second place you can easily place a the custom url or shortened link in your profile to your fan page is in the INFO tab under Contact Information section.Facebook Info Tab Contact
  3. Using the Extended Profile application you can currently add a badge, icon, logo, or text that is hyperlinked to your facebook fan or business page.USING AN IMAGE
    If you have an image (logo or icon) you want to use make sure it is no longer than 140 pixels wide. You can have a graphic designer make an image for you.

    1. Load your image into a facebook photo album or onto a website.
    2. Once it is loaded in, be sure to copy the link location by right clicking on thefan my page button image and selecting Copy Image Location,
    3. Then paste it into your browser and verify it shows up as a single image,
    4. Then copy that URL.
      My Image URL Example:

    5. Go to the the Extended Info Application at
    6. Click Insert a new field. Select Regular.
    7. In the field on the left, type a header like: Join Our Business Page
    8. In the large field on right, insert code in the following format.<a href=”http://YourFanPageLINK” target=”_blank” align=”center”><img src=”http://YourImageLocation” alt=”Join Our Page”/></a>
    9. Make sure to check “Make Visible”
    10. Click Save Changes button at the bottom
    11. Then click Add to Profile (at the top of the page)
    12. You should see a pencil appear in the Extended Info tab that gives you the option to move the box to the wall. Do that and it will show on your wall under the pictures of your friends.

Good luck and Good branding.

Coach Laura