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You may have noticed that in addition to my 20 years of marketing experience and my passion for social media that I also hold a Hypnotherapy certification and retain a strong practice. I was waiting for the day when someone would ask me about the connection and fit between hypnosis and my marketing services. Well the day has come thanks to a wise fellow tweeter, @Lead4Hire.

Hypnosis has been misunderstood for a long time. But anyone who knows what the field of hypnosis is about knows this: Hypnosis, simply stated, is the process of using the power of the mind to take on suggestions that create a desired benefit on one’s thoughts and feelings and ultimately behavior. When the body is relaxed, the mind is more open to suggestion.

As a hypnotherapist, I make sure I fully understand the desired outcomes and needs of my clients. I help my clients be their own best influence by helping them form new neural pathways (thought patterns) that are in alignment with their intended outcomes. Thus, my expertise lies in understanding language patterns that inspire, motivate, and engage people to taking right action for them. This is powerful information and I take my responsibility seriously to help them get what they want.

Since marketing and advertising agencies know that the mind is more open to suggestion when relaxed, they pay millions to use the power of suggestion to influence consumers buying habits on tv, in magazines, on billboards, etc. The repetition of messages that do not threaten any morals or core values, are likely to influence people who see them. I often tell my hypnotherapy clients that the difference between a hypnotherapy session and a commercial is that I help my clients get what they want and an advertisement helps the company get more money from unsuspecting consumers.

So back to my responsibility… conscious marketers help people get what they truly need.  There is a lot of manipulation (some consider it ethical manipulation) that is going on in the world of marketing that uses fear, greed and excitement to help consumers part with their money. They may have a great product, but if a majority of people who purchase that product will never use it as intended, there’s a lot of wasted energy and money that the consumer expended just because they were enticed by the “shiny objects” or fear of not getting the “shiny objects.”

I feel it’s important to implement marketing that both attracts the client who is most appropriate for the product or service being promoted and repel those people who it’s not appropriate for.  There’s a fine line between playing to people’s emotions and really calling to the people who will get the most out of your products and services. Therefore, as a conscious marketer, I place a lot of emphasis on identifying the “true target” market.

Understanding the process of language that draws the right people to right brands for them is critical to successful relationship building online and offline.  Thus, my background in hypnosis has made me a more conscious marketer. Please let me know how I may help you inspire audiences to benefit from your good work.

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