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You can reserve a custom URL for your facebook profile and an additional custom URL for your fan (Like) page.

For example, my custom URLs are as follows:
Fan page:

The CoachLaura and CoachLauraR are the custom usernames I selected.

To secure your username for your FAN page you MUST have 25 people who like your page. You can secure a username for your PROFILE at anytime.

Decide on 2 or 3 options for your profile username as well as your fan page username in case your first pick is not available.

Once you have a couple of options, go to

If you already have selected a username for your PROFILE it will let you know your username has been set and it shows the link. Otherwise, you will be prompted to type in your preferred username and it will let you know if it’s available.

Then, if you have a fan page with at least 25 Likes, you will see an option to select the Page Title for which you want to create a custom username.

NOTE: If you do not have 25 Likes, you can obtain your long URL by going to the Account Link on the upper right corner of facebook, select Manage Pages, right click on the image and “Copy the LINK location”