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There are a few simple steps that you can take to easily stop those pesky Facebook applications from posting comments on your Profile Wall.

When it seems like others are repeatedly posting the same thing to your Facebook profile wall, it can be spam or it can simply be an application that one of your facebook friends used and unbeknownst (or fully known) to them posted on your profile wall.

To tell if the post was created by an application look to the left of the Like Comment and Share options. In gray, you’ll see the time posted and the word “via.” Whatever follows the word “via” is the application and it is clickable. Details on how to block the application using that link are showing in the short video above.

By blocking the application, you will prevent anyone from using the application from posting to your profile ever again. These steps are required for every application. But once it’s done, you won’t receive further posts from that application unless you unblock it. Also, if you’re using the application, you’ll need to Revoke Publishing rights to prevent these applications from posting to you wall.