Feminine Power Worldwide Launch eEvent: February 2, 2009

I would like to invite you to become my bonus partner in a way that is bigger and much more than just another bonus promo opportunity.

Opportunity to Partner and Share Your Heart

Rather this is an opportunity to open your heart and share your work and your passion with both new and familiar friends around the world for the sake of transforming our planet.

The Feminine Power Vision

The Feminine Power Cards are a deck of wisdom cards that women

Feminine Power Cards
Feminine Power Cards

around the world need access to. Picture this… a world where women have stress-free lives because they are living their passions, making it a priority to take care of themselves, being role models to their children of loving, nurturing, co-creative, intelligent partners in their families and organizations. Women who lead with a focus of doing the right things for the environment, neighbors and family.

When a critical mass of women know who we are, the immense influence we have and the wisdom and courage to live in alignment with this truth, our world will shift to a more compassionate, cleaner, safer, richer and joyous place to live. Our culture is at a turning point and so many are crying out for help. You’ve seen some women already living in their full power. You are one of them. Join me in inspiring more women to access more of their wonderful selves and watch our world come into greater harmony, find it’s way to peace and heal itself in so many ways. Women are the conscious of our society and we must take on this role in a bigger way. This Feminine Power Event will provide the tools and be the catalyst for this quiet revolution to take place.

What Others Are Saying

When I shared these cards with John Gray, PhD author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and promptly endorsed them.Watch more about what John has to say about the Feminine Power Cards….

Listen to him yourself: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IW_QSnmNPg]

Would you like to take part in this revolution for evolution? If so, I invite you to consider participating as my Partner.

Is being a Feminine Power Partner RIGHT for You?

This is the right promotion for you if YOU:

If you resonated with any of the above, please know that I promise to pour my heart into this event. I will feature you throughout the year in my newsletter, on Facebook, and in Twitter tweets. For I am a connector motivated to connect good people and their wisdom together.

I don’t want you as a partner for your list. I want you for your heart, dedication, commitment and passion for what you do for others.

Join Me… What To Do Next

If you want in on this heart-centered promotion, then please email me the following by January 12th (my email is:   Coach at TransformToday dot com):

  1. Your Name, website, phone and personal email (not for distribution) so I can be in touch
  2. What generous unique bonus you are inspired to offer to purchasers for FREE. Ideally the value is $50 or more.

    a. Include the TITLE of your bonus (audio/teleclass/consultation/ebook/report/other)

    b. Description of your bonus(up to 100 words)

    c. The Value of your bonus. Ideally the value is $50 or more.

    d. A jpg image of you and/or your bonus

    e. The link to the opt-in page for purchasers to receive your bonus

    f. It would be great if this offering was exclusive for Feminine Power Card purchasers.

  3. The number of people you are committed to promoting this offering to via e-mail (copy will be provided), social media and otherwise on February 2, 2009

I will then be in touch with you to confirm the details and next steps.

If you are inspired, but have questions or are unsure about what to offer and whether you can pull this off, call me immediately (619-293-3353) to determine if this is the right path for you.

Wishing You Every JOY,


(EMAIL ADDRESS: Coach at TransformToday dot com)

PS: What’s So Special About Feb 2nd?

February is the month of love. It is the perfect time to remind people to take a heart-centered approach to their lives. The Feminine Power Cards are a perfect gift to give girlfriends, mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, nieces, grandmothers, daughters, grand daughters, widows, mentors, mentees and other significant women. By the way, men love these cards too. They can pass them along as well.

Join Me And Inspire the World
On February 2nd, women around the world will receive an invitation sent from our partners (including you should you choose to be a partner). These women will be given a link to our Feminine Power Cards event page. Just by reading this page they will be more aware, inspired and acknowledged for their presence. They will have the opportunity to obtain the Feminine Power Cards and the tools, resources and connections of our partners like you.

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  1. Wow. The response has been wonderful to the invitation. We have some incredible bonuses. I am touched by our partners’ generosity. I am honored to be partnering with so many wonderful people. Thank you.

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