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If you have a Facebook fan page, you now have the ability to import your contacts from your email, LinkedIn and any of your lists and Facebook will send an email invitation to your contacts to join your fan page (aka: official business page). This is such a nice tool that allows you to grow your fan page with a few simple steps.

To do this, go to your fan page and click on the Edit Page link. Then go to the Marketing section. Within the Marketing section is the option to Tell Your Fans.

A wizard pops up which gives you the choice to either upload a contact file (.csv format) or access your web based email account contacts by giving your username and password to Facebook.

Facebook gives you the basic instructions on how to do this at

Please note, Facebook says that they do incorporate your imported contacts into your Facebook Phonebook and will use these contacts to create friend suggestions for you and your friends.  You can remove the email addresses from Facebook by requesting it here:

To have Facebook invite your LinkedIn contacts to your fan page, you will first need to export your list of connections to a .csv file. To do this simply visit the Address Book Export page within your LinkedIn account ( Then use the Tell Your Fans section in the Marketing area of your Edit Page.

Let us know how it goes for you!

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  1. Cathy,
    Thanks for your questions. The instructions above are only for sending email message to invite your email list to like your fan page.
    If you set up an event from your fan page, you can use the update feature and send that type of message via facebook to your fans.