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Here are a few simple steps that will help you prepare for the facebook boxes removal coming August 23

  1. Make sure your FBML tabs are limited to 520 pixels wide.
  2. Review all your content in your Boxes tab and the Boxes you have placed on your Wall. You’ll need to decide if you want each box you’ve created to become a tab or if you want to merge, delete or change content in these boxes. If you simply decide to convert your boxes into tabs, do the following:
    1. Remove the boxes from your wall and  boxes tab.
    2. If they are FBML coded they will be made available as regular tabs (copy the code before removing, just in case Facebook is glitchy and you have to recreate).
    3. If you have google analytics in a separate box, just place the code at the bottom of any FBML tab.
  3. Update or create custom FBML tabs for each of the boxes you removed if still applicable. Make sure every custom tab, photo, video falls within 520 pixels.

Background on Facebook Boxes Change

Facebook announced late in 2009 that the boxes and boxes tab many people use to display custom content on the left side of the wall tab on fan pages and profiles was going away in 2010. The time has come and many are sad to say the least as this allowed for wall customization that made it easy for people to connect their profiles to their fan pages, twitter accounts, and LinkedIn profiles with buttons right from their wall.

According to Facebook, “These updates are designed to simplify navigation for users, reduce complexity for developers, and enable us to build the next generation of tools for growing your business with Facebook. Subscribe to the developer blog to learn about our new roadmap in the coming weeks.”

View some examples of what changes will take place and how companies are handling the change on AllFacebook’s recent post.

If you have additional tips  to share, please do so here.

2 Responses

  1. So I need clarification….I have a musician page and there are apps on my page for my “discography” and “music player”. There are other apps available for schedule, etc. that I do not use. These are apps that FB created, not me, they are just choices I can pick from when I edit my page. Are those considered boxes?? Do I need to move those to their own tab at the top of my page?

    Sue – The Harris Family

  2. If these applications are showing on your wall tab they are “boxes” and you do need to convert them to tabs.