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Feminine Power Cards

When you need relationship advice where can you instantly and reliably go to get just the right wisdom? I recommend going within. Was that unexpected? Well who knows you best? You do. Now there is a challenge when it comes to giving yourself advice.  Your best thinking is limited in scope. Your best thinking got you to this place. So if you want to find some new and more empowering or effective answers you need some outside input.

Yes, you could hire a coach or therapist to listen to you for hours on end. But what if you could have a coach for almost nothing? The power of coaching is in asking questions and revealing principles that will give you access to a new perspective. The first principle I invite you to explore is that of giving you brain a break and letting your heart be your guiding source. That it easy to say but doing this may be like learning to understand and speak a foreign language. You may think you know what your heart is saying but you can easily confuse it with what your mind thinks. In order to listen to your heart, you need to quiet the mind.

[Tweet “The longest journey you will make in your life is from your head to your heart.- Sioux Legend”]

The reason this is such a important quote is because learning to listen deeply to your heart and allow the mind to follow the heart’s inner wisdom can bring some of the most profound personal transformations you will ever experience. The Feminine Power Cards are a resource to those who want to practice accessing their heart’s wisdom. The principles provided on the cards offer heart-opening wisdom. The back of each card invites the reader to practice the principle.

Use the Feminine Power Cards as your personal relationship coach. They will ask you questions that will invite you listen to your heart, step into love, and live more joy-fully.

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