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Creating Juicier Relationships Report

This report brings you the content from three of our most popular playshops  that revealed the keys to creating juicy relationships.

1. Training Men

Have you ever wanted a man to pick up after himself, be more attentive and do more for you? There is hope. Men can be trained. Learn the details about training men and creating great relationships with them. It’s not what you think!

2. Brain Chemistry & Creating Juicy Relationships

Learn all about what women need to reduce stress and how it differs from men. In this information packed report you’ll receive the keys for enhancing your brain chemistry and having more access to your feminine power. The notes cover the role of oxytocin, serotonin, dopamine and testosterone in men and women and how to naturally adjust the levels for optimal brain chemistry health.

3. Get in Balance & Attract Love

Our September gathering focused on what you body needs in order to produce vibrant health, reduce stress and cultivate great relationships. When you understand how to deal with stress and what your brain and body needs, you can bring your emotions into balance and cultivate your attractive essence. This ground breaking material is vital to your health and happiness. Men and women have different needs. In this report learn how about the significant role your bio-chemistry plays in your relationships and how to bring more balance and love into your life.

Exploring Feminine Power Audio

In this audio, Laura explores the essentials to tapping into the most powerful form of power there is; our Feminine Power. Learn how to use your power wisely

Men Speak

Read what these amazing men have to say about relationships. Find out how men really feel about the issues facing couples today.

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Feminine Power in Relationships – audio

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How To Cultivate Forms of Feminine Power

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