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Best Times To Post on Social Media Infographics

One of the biggest questions I get when implementing a social marketing strategy is, what are the best times to post on social media. The answer is it depends on the network and on your audience. Oh and by the way, this can change from season to season and research resource to resource. In a […]

Tucker Max Bad Ass… Not! Publishing Model Revealed at Traffic & Conversion Summit

Ryan Deiss Warns #TCS2013 Audience About Tucker Max  Perhaps it’s just me, but I think Tucker Max’s brand of being an ass____ is all worn out. During the conference as a means of promotion and managing expectations, Ryan Deiss warned the audience that explicit use of offensive language would be a part of Tucker Max’s presentation. […]

Pinterest News: Business Accounts and Widgets Now Available

Pinterest announced they are now offering business pages. Unlike Facebook and Google+, at this time, Pinterest business accounts have the same functionality as personal accounts. However, they only require the business name (bye bye first and last name requirement) and do incorporate website verification in the sign up process. Three cheers for Pinterest for making […]

Social Media Influence and The Election 2012

On the eve of the 2012 Presidential Election, social media marketers can’t help but wonder… how has social media impacted the election? There are lots of polls going on and even predictions being made based upon interactions and mentions of candidates on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Can social media mentions, shares, and likes […]

LinkedIn: Keep Your Skills Up and Get Endorsements

LinkedIn added the Endorse Skills feature this week which allows for a new and very easy way for people to give and receive endorsements. Not only that, it’s a great way to get visibility. That is, LinkedIn shows the profile thumbnail of each person who endorses you. So, if you go to your connections profiles […]

Why Twitter Is an Author’s Best Friend

On April 26, this year, I decided to get serious about Twitter. My follower count that day was in the ballpark of 2,400. As I guest blog here, a mere four months later, it’s about 13,000 and climbing daily. What I pride myself in, however, isn’t the number of “tweeple” in my “twibe” (where is […]

How To Add Pinterest to Your Facebook Fan Page – Fast

Since it’s rapidly growth report in January, using Pinterest for business is proving to get results like more website traffic. This pin board based social networking site has risen to the 3rd most used social network and should definitely be integrated with the rest of your social media and online marketing strategy… including adding Pinterest […]