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8 Ways To Get Your Friends to Like Your Fan Page

You’ve set up your fan page and you’re wondering, “How do I get my friends to Like my fan page?” Here are eight ways to drive your friends to your fan page and get more Facebook Likes: 1. Post an update weekly on your personal timeline asking Friends to Like Your Fan Page Your fan […]

3 Easy Ways to Get Facebook Friends to Your Fan Page

Most people who are using Facebook for business miss out on three EASY ways to direct their Facebook friends to their Fan Pages. In this video, I cover the step by step process for adding links in 3 places (plus a bonus 4th) on their personal profile that makes it easy for you and your […]

How To Add Pinterest to Your Facebook Fan Page – Fast

Since it’s rapidly growth report in January, using Pinterest for business is proving to get results like more website traffic. This pin board based social networking site has risen to the 3rd most used social network and should definitely be integrated with the rest of your social media and online marketing strategy… including adding Pinterest […]