On April 26, this year, I decided to get serious about Twitter. My follower count that day was in the ballpark of 2,400. As I guest blog here, a mere four months later, it’s about 13,000 and climbing daily. What I pride myself in, however, isn’t the number of “tweeple” in my “twibe” (where is Tweety Bird when you need him?), it’s how closely aligned my followers are with my interests and what I care about: publishing, creativity, neuroscience, space flight, volcanic wine, and more. The regimen I developed and use on a daily basis is successful. I’ve taught this system to several of my editorial clients who are successfully using it to position themselves as experts and engage readers, too. It works!

3 Principles to Follow to Grow Your Twitter Following

Here are three of the principles I adhere to—these alone will give you some traction.

  • Stay on the Same Subject as Your Brand: Do as I say and not as I do. I work with an eclectic group of clients, so my Twitter stream is always transforming. But for you, sticking to the same subject is likely to be a more powerful approach. When I pursue a given topic, I am FULLY INVESTED in it for as long as I need be. I learn EVRYTHING about how it shows up in the Twittersphere. Never be wishy-washy.
  • Always Max out: Besides your ego at the idea of being more wanted than wanting, it makes NO SENSE to follow fewer people than follow you. Push the envelope. Most people who you follow will follow you back, especially if they share your interests. There are different tools you can use to do this, and some, like ManageFlitter, are free. Once you’ve got followers, don’t let them down. Tweet regularly.
  • Follow High-quality Experts and Publications in Your Field: You need good content to share with your followers. You’ll get it from them. Also (and this is a significant benefit), once you’re connected to someone, you can communicate with them in real time and trade insights. Twitter is a level playing field. There are a whole bunch of strategies for managing your HUMAN ASSETS that I will be teaching in my upcoming course, Twitter for Authors, which starts on September 5. For now, just remember that you can be a thought leader. Be generous with knowledge.

As an author, Twitter is compelling for so many reasons, not the least of which is that we can get lonely sitting by ourselves in our home offices in front of a computer screen every day writing. But we do need to WRITE, so when we’re interacting it needs to be QUICK. Authors are smart and funny people, so we love to QUIP back and forth in short bursts. Twitter is the space of WORD PLAY.

If Facebook is where you go to get a virtual hug from your pals, Twitter is where you can go to have your mind stimulated and tap the Zeitgeist. I don’t know about you, but my best friends never let me down. Twitter is one of them.

You can get and give encouragement to other writers by using “Discovery” to look for key words related to books, and hash tags like #WriteTip, #BadWritingTip, and #AmWriting. Once you find the key words that are most appealing to your readers (meaning, whatever audience or demographic you write your books to serve) sprinkle them in your tweets.

About the Author

Stephanie Gunning is one of the most sought-after nonfiction book writers and developmental editors in the publishing industry, she is founder of the Get a Book Deal® Coaching Program. Stephanie also regularly delivers workshops, webinars, and in-depth courses on book writing, publishing, entrepreneurship, and creativity.  To learn more about Stephanie and her work  Visit Stephanie Gunning’s websit