This infographic demonstrates the mobile explosion. If you’re not thinking mobile marketing, these statistics presented by Eric Qualman in his Mobilnomics video (view under infographic), will give you pause to reconsider.

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mobile statistics case for mobile marketing

Mobile Statistics from @EricQualman of Socialnomics

  • Mobile phones outnumber the number of people on planet Earth.
  • iPhone sales outpace births
  • More people own a mobile phone than a toothbrush
  • 90% of all tweets are from a mobile phone.
  • Yet companies are spending less than 1% on mobile
  • 70% of mobile searches lead to action in 1 hour! It takes 1 month on desktops
  • Google mobile searches are up 400%
  • Takes 90 minutes to respond to email
  • It takes only 90 seconds to respond to text
  • The avg person has their mobile phone in reach 14 hours/day
  • Mobile Coupon Redemption Rates are 10x higher than print.
  • 2012 Teens increased their data consumption 256% (256 hotdogs)
  • 50% think it’s OK to check their phone during dinner.
  • Average teen sends 3339 texts per month
  • 42% of teens say they can text blindfolded.

Does your business have a pulse on mobile? If not, according to Erik Qualman your business might not have a pulse for long.


If you are using mobile marketing, share your comments, tips, and/or results with us.