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Acclaimed social media and marketing consultant Laura Rubinstein of Transform Today, Inc. has announced the launch of her new book “Social Media Myths Busted: The Small Business Guide to Online Revenue” shining a light on the truth about succeeding in social media marketing.  She interviewed over thirty social media pros including Joel Comm, NY Times best-selling author of “Twitter Power: How to Dominate Your Market One Tweet at a Time” Anticipation is high among Transform Today’s clients and students who rely upon Coach Laura’s winning methods.

Social Media Marketing Book Features Interviews From More Than 30 Business & Marketing Professionals

Make no mistake, today for a small business to find success on social media it takes more than just a love of Facebook or a little bit of good luck.  What it requires is a solid strategy, a method and an ability to avoid some of the very common and prevalent myths about social media that can act as roadblocks.  That’s the message that award winning social media and marketing consultant “Coach” Laura Rubinstein is powerfully delivering both in person and in her new book “Social Media Myths Busted: The Small Business Guide to Online Revenue” set to be released on August 13th.

“Social media is simply about bringing the humanness into computing and our online lives. Businesses must do this to win over their audience,”  commented Rubinstein.  “Humans crave connection. And social media fills that need in one of the most revolutionary ways ever invented. Yes, that may leave us open to misusers. But through education, good practices and myth busting, social media can be used for good. The more people using it for good the greater impact we can have to making the world a safer, peaceful, inspiring and thriving place for all.  Social media has leveled the playing field for small businesses giving them access to millions they never had access to before.  And my new book is opening up the secrets to social media success in a way that produces results quickly and reliably!”

The book is scheduled to be released in Kindle format on Coach Laura’s birthday August 13th, 2014.  The initial price of “Social Media Myths” is set at $0.99 and is available through a special web link set up for the exciting event at

Coach Laura has over two decades of success in marketing covering all areas of the ever changing and dynamic field.  Her innovative, creative and profitable strategies have been widely praised and earned her not only recognition and awards, but also a position writing in some of the industry’s most prestigious publications, including YourTango,, KFWB LA Business Rockstars and numerous BlogTalk Radio appearances.

There’s a great deal of anticipation leading up to her latest book release.

Emily G., a small business owner from Boston, recently said, “I love Coach Laura’s blog and I can’t wait to read Social Media Myths.  I need to tighten up our social media efforts and get them working for us.  I know the book is going to help!”