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Ever since the beginning days of modern social networking, I have said, the best way to capitalize on social media is to take your online connections offline. Now a new app is providing a slick way for that to happen intentionally. Up until now there has not been an efficient way to find people who have time to meet in a city you’re visiting with similar business interests.

Are you looking to collaborate with other professionals? Will you be in a city and want to make inroads into that community? Do you have an out of town speaking engagement and want to let others know who are in the city too? Will you have extra time in a city and want to maximize your business time? These are all questions I, as a business owner, come up with all the time. As we know word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing and reliable way of consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to publish your availability to meet up with people in the various regions you travel to or meet others traveling to your city? I thought so too. And then Tribber team introduced me to the CityHour App. With the app you can find people who are available to meet right now or at a future date. How cool is that?

CityHour App Available Now 

The CityHour app is currently available for iOs phones. Development for Android app should be complete by end of 2014. The app is well done and offers users a way to set up a profile and hooks into both your LinkedIn connections and your calendar to book appointments to meet with others in the cities of their choice. I am writing this sponsored post because I’d love to see this app go viral. I want to know who the movers and shakers in my specialty niches are in the cities around the world are and potentially meet up. I also love reciprocating that.

More on CityHour

Go ahead and download the CityHour App and give it a whirl. Want to know how CityHour came about, who’s behind it, plans for next phase and cool stuff you can do right now with the app. Next week I’ll be back with the insider scoop after my interview with Alex Lubinsky the founder and creator of CityHour.