On the eve of the 2012 Presidential Election, social media marketers can’t help but wonder… how has social media impacted the election? There are lots of polls going on and even predictions being made based upon interactions and mentions of candidates on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Can social media mentions, shares, and likes predict an election? We’ll know more after the results are in. In the meantime, we can certainly speculate what’s happening online and the impact social media may evolve to over time.

Chris Voss and I had a lively discussion. We are not promoting any specific candidate. Rather, we are taking a look at the influence that social media has on trending events like the election and super storm Sandy. Also we mention some hot news from Instagram and what happened with the iPad Mini.


Election Prediction Data from Social Media

Here are some links to look at regarding possible election day outcomes according to data being collected.

All Facebook collected all kinds of numbers regarding candidates mentions online.

Gigacom shows a variety of data predicting likeliness of election outcome.


Locate Your Polling Place on Facebook

If you don’t know where your polling place is… check out this app on Facebook which will allow you to put in your registered address and find your polling place.