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Unique Best Seller strategiesRecently I met Marilyn Suttle, author of the Amazon Best Seller, “Who’s Your Gladys, How To Turn Even The Most Difficult Customer Into Your Biggest Fan” who immediately informed me that her book went to best seller status because of social media.  The social media strategies she employed are unique and not the first ones you would have thought of, but they made a huge difference in getting her book to be a #1 Amazon best seller.

Listen for yourself and let us know what your best seller strategies are in the comments below.

The biggest mindset change that has to happen with marketers is to turn away from self promotion and look for ways to help others. Do for others what you would love them to do for you. Share links to their books, share praise about their work, and introduce them to influencers. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get back in return.

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