time management online for womenMost everyone has come to realize that social media is addicting and in order to build your social media brand you must stick to a plan. Otherwise, you start off reading one Facebook post and you find yourself clicking through to people and pages, comments and groups you never knew existed. Then you realize it’s been an hour or more and you haven’t achieved much. Everyone who goes on social media has experienced this. Believe it or not that is good news for every business woman out there.

The chances you’ll be discovered by your target audience is much higher because of these seemingly random clicks and tons of extra time people are spending on networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Thus, the keys to building your brand on social media involve using your time to make sure you become known for your expertise and avoid getting lost in your own curiosity.

Here are six steps to help keep you focused on the main social media tasks to build

Step 1: Clarify your brand message

The most important part of developing your brand is identifying the problems your product or service solves. When you describe them, be sure to use the words your ideal prospects use. For example, you may think you have the greatest solution for helping people know and love their inner critic. But the problem they think they have is how to find a loving soul mate.

Once you are clear on the prospect problems you solve, you have the foundation for developing all your branding materials you’ll need for online and offline promotion.

 Step 2: Define your purpose and goal for being on the social networks

Before putting your brand out there in a big way on social media, think about the impact you want to make and how you can do it on social media. For example, if you are an author of a women’s empowerment book. Your purpose should not be to sell books on social media. Reason being, people don’t go to social media sites to shop. They go to Amazon to shop.

You must dig a little deeper and understand that social media are places where people want to be social, learn socially, be entertained and connect with friends and meet new like-minded influencers. In other words, your social media purpose must align with theirs. So a women’s empowerment author could start a social cause to empower women in 3rd world countries and offer stories, fundraising and ways to get involved as well as resources for every woman to empower herself. You must establish yourself as a valuable member of the community before you ever offer something for sale. Depending on your strategies, this can be a long or short ramp up period before you will see revenue.

 Step 3: Brand your social accounts

Now that you have your message and understand what you want to use the social networks for, then you want to make sure your social media accounts are set up professionally. Have professional graphic designers work on them. Ideally, your branding should match your website.

Use the enhanced features of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn to customize your profiles, pages, accounts and channels. Make sure every page easily leads them back to your website or blog. Optimize them for the search engines for your keywords.

 Step 4: Map out your plan before you get online.

Before you spend any time on social media, I often recommend and consult clients on creating your content plan and engagement matrix. These two documents outline the timing and details of the content/value you’re going to offer and how you will engage to grow your visibility.

If you simply broadcast messages without engaging you may be sorely disappointed that you don’t get much growth or results from your social media.

Step 5: Choose your network or networks for the day

If you are limited on time, choose a network or two for the day to concentrate on. Be sure to reply to comments and direct messages to you. Make sure to edit your plan accordingly.

You don’t have to be on every network. You just want to be on the networks where your ideal prospects are spending their time.

 Step 6: Use your egg timer to manage your time:

When you know what your plan is for the day and how much time you want to spend on it. Go to the kitchen and get your egg time. Set it for 15 minutes and implement your plan. The timer will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

 Step 7: Dedicate More of Your Time or Outsource

If you really want to make social media work for you, you need to invest time into building your brand authentically out there. Since social media offers low hanging fruit of a large audience, the investment of your time and/or money is a no brainer.

Many busy business women who want to build their social media brand realize that they need to get up to speed because they want to be the one engaging and interacting and representing their brand online. Others opt to bring on professional social media managers who can align with their brand and represent the voice of the brand. Done-for-you services can work remarkably well when you have the right people who get your message, have great writing skills and have the strategies to position you in front of your audience.

The fact is social media is here, it’s evolving, and if you don’t build your brand on social media effectively, chances are your business won’t be taken seriously. Enjoy the process. Building your brand on social media right will pay off.