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In this blog post I explore the reporting features that the MavSocial Visual Content Manager has and how to use it to optimize a campaign. The key to getting best results online according to most digital marketers I’ve heard repeatedly is split test your content. In social media, one of the easiest tools for setting up split testing and tracking engagement on content that I’ve seen is MavSocial.

MavSocial is a visual content management, social media scheduling and analyzing tool all in one. It allows you organize your posting by creating campaigns. When you want to know what images, copy and timing get best engagement create a campaign for a set of content. Use the built in image editor to develop your image variations right in the tool.

Then the MavSocial reporting system tracks the engagement the content in the campaign gets. Plus, you can see metrics for best times to post to each network right from within MavSocial. Their reporting system analyzes the data from your entire Facebook page and Twitter account.

best times to post on social media


For LinkedIn you’ll learn more about the demographics of your followers and the actions they take on your posts.

LinkedIn Demographics

In the reporting section, some of the most useful information includes statistics on the posts that received the most engagement. You can see the type of engagement and can click through to the actual post.


Set Up Image Variations for Your Social Media Campaigns
In MavSocial you can choose from tens of thousands of images from Getty Images, BigStock and more. Once you buy an image (for use only to publish to Social Media – for now), you can use the built in editor to modify it. Test the image with a quote on it. Do another test with a url on it. You could even try yet another image with a hashtag. Be sure to test two images with no modifications to determine which image has the most impact.


Craft Your Post Message

To begin with make sure the post message accompanying the image is the same on all posts you publish. Then let the scheduling begin. Schedule these posts either on the same page at various times or better yet, if you have multiple pages that you can share this too, post the variations to the different pages at their highest engagement times.

If you don’t yet know when your audience is most engaged, spend a couple of weeks putting up content at specific times and analyze your engagement. You may need to go out a couple of months to get accurate metrics.

Tweak Your Message

Then Once you know which image is getting the most engagement. Test your message copy. I found that quotes in the message got the most engagement. In fact, that was regardless of if the image had a quote on it or was simply a beautiful image. The messages that were simply instructing people to go to a link, didn’t get much action or visibility. In other words, to get engagement, be engaging in your social media post message.

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Timing Your Social Media Posts

Be sure to schedule your posts at the times your audience is most engaged. As mentioned previously MavSocial reporting section shows you by network the best times to post. You’ll get better at this over time as MavSocial can collect the data about your posts.

Analyze and Create New Campaigns

As you see what gets most engagement, plan your campaigns accordingly. To get engagement, you must be relevant. If you don’t know where to start. Analyze others’ posts. Go out to your colleagues’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and check out what’s getting most engagement. Develop your campaigns similarly in your style with your unique content.

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