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Thank you from Laura Rubenstein Laura Rubinstein

Dear Clients, Colleagues, Friends & Family,

It is such a great honor to be nominated for this Small Business Influencer 2012 award. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I am blown away how you have gone out of your way to vote, spread the word and encourage me. That means the world to me. Thanks to your support I feel like a winner in so many ways.

I am so overjoyed and full of gratitude for your loving contribution and endorsement:

My passion for serving small businesses and entrepreneurs grows when I receive an opportunity to design strategies that spread the news and the good work my clients do. Each of you who I’ve worked with, spoken to, retweeted, or simply connected with online or offline has inspired me to bring the greatest resources, creative ideas, listening space and actual marketing efforts forward for you to thrive.

The achievement of this award is honestly thrilling and the first of many real acknowledgments that my work has meaning and has made a difference.

Ever since I read Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, and did the exercise of what I want my tombstone to read. That is “She cared and made a difference.” That is my intention in every interaction I have with clients, colleagues, friends and family.

I realize that winning is essentially the reward of knowing that we have collaborated and I have received so many opportunities to contribute to the work and passion of many along the way.

The reward goes to all of us and it is great fun collaborating.

Here’s to many years of ongoing collaborations, success and rewarding experiences along the way.



PS: I want to add special thanks to Ruth Anne Wood for the idea to write this love letter to you. Ruth Anne is the CEO of Scripting for Success that turns ideas into reality fast! Ruth helped me be in gratitude of my amazing wonderful clients and community. She has a 100% success rate helping her paid clients use the power of story to easily meet their ideal mates and business partners, get fast cash from unexpected sources, have nerve wracking legal and reputation management issues melt away. She’s been dubbed “the writer of our lives” “muse” and “miracle worker”.

Thank You For These Generous Recommendations

I have copied a sample of some of the more recent comments posted on the voting page. These have made a huge difference to me.

#SmallBizInfluencer Comments about Laura Rubinstein

Laura Rubinstein Nominated for 2012 Small Business Influencer Award

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  1. I have never met a person that ALWAYS has a smile on their face, ready to serve at a moment’s notice and so graciously and expertly offers her services until I met Laura…what a brilliant woman so deserving of this award…now that the voting is easier…I’m here every day with a giant smile to match hers! You’re a WINNER in my book…always! xoxo

  2. Oh Laura, you’re so deserving of this! It’s been my honour to support you and see you at the top like you’ve done for so many! Love your energy, your championing of small business success, and with the Spirit of the Olympic Games upon us, know that YOU already stand on the podium as a true champion!

  3. Having recently been introduced to the Social Buzz Club, I’m just starting to see the brilliance of whoever is behind it. But what’s already really clear is that this is truly an influencer. Congratulations, Laura!

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