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networkMore than three million registered members currently use LinkedIn, according to the professional networking site, and an average of two new users join every second. While many businesses and job seekers turn to LinkedIn to post and find jobs, the social network also operates as a great business marketing tool. Drive sales for your small business by implementing the following  optimization best practices that will enhance your LinkedIn marketing:

Customize Your URL

The URL generated when you create your account is a default code, and it expresses nothing of your company’s identity or goals. Renaming your URL is a simple way to make your LinkedIn business account stand out from the rest. To customize your URL, from your settings, select “Public Profile.” From your Public Profile view, select “Customize your public profile URL.”

Use Keywords in Your Business Description

The brief description that accompanies your business’ name is one of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn page. Use active, engaging diction to stimulate interest in your company, combined with a few keywords to boost your search engine results page (SERP) ranking. The specific keywords you choose depends on your company and specializations. For instance, take a look at the home goods and decor company Joss & Main’s LinkedIn profile. Its business page headline highlights “compelling prices” and “e-commerce leader,” catching the attention of viewers and demonstrating business focus.

Link With Employees

Your employees are an extension of your business, and their LinkedIn accounts can serve to give your company better visibility and credibility.  The number of employees you have linked on your page, the LinkedIn activity of those employees, and how complete each employee’s personal LinkedIn profile is, all contribute to SERP ranking and effectiveness with your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Companies with 10-100 employees should advocate participation from all employees on the LinkedIn business page for optimal exposure and reputation status.

Use Photos to Showcase Your Work

A picture is worth a thousand views. Profiles accompanied by a high-res photo are 11 times more likely to generate views, LinkedIn reports. Though it is important to update your status and express your achievements in words, in an online environment, seeing is believing. By including a photo, you offer your viewer proof. You can even upload photos from your mobile device.

Build Your Reputation

Build your LinkedIn reputation by linking relevant articles, posting frequent updates and corresponding with customers. Respond quickly to their inquiries, and update your profile to cater less to the recruiter and more to the customer. Additionally, join groups that are related to your business field. The average LinkedIn user joins seven groups on average, and participation in targeted LinkedIn groups can boost your company’s visibility and build its reputation. Start getting the most out of your LinkedIn business profile.