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facebook-marketing5Facebook continues to dominate as one of the most effective platforms for social media marketing available today. In fact, according to Mike Stelzner’s 2015 report during the Social Media Marketing World Conference, 93% of marketers surveyed use Facebook while 62% of Marketers surveyed  plan to increase their use of Facebook to promote their products and services.

We see evidence of continuing growth as Facebook evolves and adapts to the need of its customers – personal users and businesses – at the same time pleasing it’s stakeholders and advertisers, developers and agencies. In response to this, Facebook continuously updates its algorithm and shows users more popular content and sponsored stories targeted to specific audience. It’s expected that organic content visibility will continue to decline because of more competition, paid or sponsored ads and limited attention of the audience. Out of 1,500 to 15,000 potential stories, only 300 will be selected to be displayed on your news feed. Pay-to-play is really the name of the game if you want to stand out on a Facebook and be seen by your target audience.

How then can your business cut into the clutter and be noticed by your target audience? Focus on quality vs quantity. More likes, shares, generating more leads, attracting prospects and converting them to sales only works when you focus on quality content that your audience values. As businesses focus on tapping directly into what your market values instead of sheer numbers the return on their efforts will rise.

How To Optimize Your Facebook Ads

What if your effort above is not enough or it just doesn’t cut it? That’s where Facebook Advertising can help you achieve your goals. But how do you do this right? There are tons of tutorials on how to create an effective Facebook Ad campaigns. More importantly let’s highlight the things that you must paying attention to in order to optimize your Facebook Ads and make your audience want to click your ads, elicit more engagement, and ultimately have them do what you wanted them to do in the first place –whether it’s to download your e-book, sign up on your newsletter, or buy a product.

#1 Target your Audience

Number one on the list is know your audience. Research is a very important step on this. Knowing your audience’s behavior, likes, and desires will help you craft a message that inspires action. Use Facebook Ad Targeting to successfully show your ads only to this set of particular audience. When you do this, you can get 700% more click throughs and increase actual conversion by as much as 400%, according to data kings Webtrends and TGB Digital respectively.

#2 Install a Conversion Pixel

Simply put, a conversion pixel allows you to track the actions and conversions and other actions that people take as a result of your Facebook Ad. Facebook shows you how to get your conversion pixel code for your ad in this help article.

Once you get the code of your offsite pixel, you can install it on your <HEAD> tags of a specific page of your website where you want to track, such as Thank you page, Newsletter sign-up page or Checkout page.

#3 Create an Interesting Image and Effective Ad Content

Split testing is the key to know what your audience finds interesting. With today’s cell phone camera technology, easily accessible stock images and photo editing sites and apps creating high quality attractive images is simple. However, if this feels daunting to you, we will make image creation easy for you.

There are three elements of a great Facebook post – a photo quote or video, a call to action, and a link. Including at least one of these elements is key to getting the most from your Facebook advertising.  As Brian Carter puts it,  “A Facebook post without a link is a gossip not marketing.”

#4 Use Power Editor

Lastly, if you are going to get serious about advertising on Facebook, install the Power Editor (it’s a Chrome extension) in your Facebook Ads Manager. It’s the most powerful way to target your ideal audience on Facebook. Here’s a great update on new changes to the Power Editor from Jon Loomer on how to use the power editor to your advantage.

Are you thinking of growing your Facebook likes by utilizing Facebook advertising feature? No matter what your budget is, you can certainly target your audience utilizing the techniques above to maximize your ROI.