Changing your fan page name on Facebook has yet evolved again. Pages with less than 100 Likes can easily change the name or title of the fan page simply by going in and editing the name in the Admin area under Basic Information.

Facebook Pages with More Than 100 Likes Can REQUEST a Fan Page Name Change

Here’s a short video on how you can request a name change for your fan page if you’re page has over 100 likes This is best for Public Figure pages who are trying to change name to their real name or businesses whose name has changed or you never had the page in your business name and now you want it.

Warning: Consider carefully if you want Facebook to scrutinize your page before making this request.

As of March 28, 2013
Here is how to go about REQUESTING your fan page name change. In the end, you are at the mercy of Facebook’s people if they will approve and change it for you.
NOTE: Changing your fan page name is a ONE time only request/opportunity. That link will go away once the option has be exercised to change the name.
Be sure to review the guidelines on page names before making the request.
Here are guidelines on what Facebook allows page names to be:
To request your fan page name change:
  1. Go to the admin area at the top of your page
  2. Click Edit Page button and select Update Info (it will take you to the Basic Information admin page)
  3. Look for the Name field (toward the top of the gray area) and at the end of your current name you will see a blue link entitled “Request Change”
  4. Fill in their form and pray they change it.

Business Page Name vs. Custom URL

Changing your fan page name does not change the customized URL you have set up.


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  1. This is great info! My page name is MarthaGiffenpage because I’m an author/speaker/mentor and use my name for everything and had already used my name on my personal page. At least, now I know I can change it, if I like. Thanks!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Ileane Smith shared this on her Facebook page. I’ve been wanting to do this and had not got around to it. Thanks so much for making it so easy!

  3. And what should I do, when I don’t have this ‘Request change’ button and I really really want to change the name of my fanpage?
    I want only to change small letters to the capitol letters…

  4. Be patient Joanne. Since Facebook is free we don’t really have a choice but to wait until they grant our pages the ability. That being said, if you become a large buyer of their ads, you may have a little more clout and could inquire with your Facebook ads rep. Another choice is start a brand new page and name it what you want.

  5. That was much easier than I thought it would be. Fingers crossed they accept the change! 🙂

    please because I need only to change letters on big and to remove unnecessary ” | ” from my fp name and I don’t know how / I can’t do that (I have 2.453 fans right now)…. please please please
    here’s my email:

  7. Louise Myers just posted a great how to (very similar to this video) on her blog. She explains, “If you’ve already changed your Page name once, you won’t see the link. Once is the limit. If you haven’t, but you still don’t see it, try changing your Page category to Brands & Products or Companies & Organizations, and click Save Changes. The Request Change link should magically appear!”

  8. Hi CoachLaura,

    can we choose the date when we want our fan page name to be changed ?

    we’re a record label and wouldn’t like the page name to be changed unexpectedly by facebook.

    Also, we do not have documentation (phone bills) for the new name of our label but we do have these for the current name of our label.
    would this be enough to send facebook ?

    Thank you very much!

  9. Tks for a great article but unfortunately I still can’t see a Change Request magically appear even after I have changed the category of my page. Even tried changing to a few other categories but no luck… I need to change the name of my business page soonest possible. I has about 2200 likes now. Hope someone outhere can guide or assist me in getting it done…Cheers

  10. Some pages unfortunately don’t have a the Change Request link. Please review Facebook Page Terms. If your name that you want to change it to falls within their guidelines (in other words, the new name is the exact name of your corporation, then they may change your page name to match). You need to contact them. There is a little gear to the right of the LIKE/D button on your page. When you click it, you will see the “Send Feedback” link. That is where you can give them the information about your page, upload your corporate documentation and hope they respond. Good luck.

  11. I don’t think you have much control on the exact date the name changes. Better off changing the cover image.

  12. None of the above suggestions work. When I click on my name, it just flickers and goes back to the original, not leaving me time to edit it. Any ideas?

  13. i cant request a new one.. when i click edit page..theres no request a new name.. how can i change my page name

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