Using Pinterest on Business Fan PageSince it’s rapidly growth report in January, using Pinterest for business is proving to get results like more website traffic. This pin board based social networking site has risen to the 3rd most used social network and should definitely be integrated with the rest of your social media and online marketing strategy… including adding Pinterest to your Facebook fan page.

Add Pinterest – Facebook Application

Although there are many ways to add Pinterest to your Facebook Fan Page, this application is a quick and super easy way. It even has the option to fan gate your pin boards. That means, you can require people to “Like” your page before viewing your pin boards on Facebook. You also have the option whether to show all your pin boards. This video shows you how I added Pinterest to my Facebook Fan Page in less than 2 minutes. Really!

A word of caution, be careful to input your correct Pinterest user id so as to make sure your pinboards show and not someone else’s. In other words, this application lets you show ANYONE’s pin boards on your fan page just by inserting their Pinterest username.  Over all the Woobox app is an excellent way to add your Pinterest boards to your fan page.

Pinterest for Business Webinar

Recently Kim Garst gave a great webinar on Social Buzz Club University (SocialBuzzU) covering many ways to use Pinterest for business. Check out notes from her webinar here. To watch the Pinterest webinar (which was excellent – Kudos to Kim Garst), visit Social Buzz U.