Being interescool Blogger promotion by Fan Zillated in Facebook applications that bring businesses closer to their markets, I love trying out new ones. Fanzila just announced  they added  ”Contact Us,” “About Us,” and RSS apps to its offering. Their suite of Facebook fan page apps already included blog, twitter feed, photo gallery, and videos.

To launch their new trio, they are running a promotion caught my attention to not only enter, but to share the unique way they are promoting their new apps with bloggers.

It’s a two step process…1. add text sharing their promotion to your blog and 2. let them know. If you’re in the first 200 you win! Love that all 200 early bloggers are winners.

To participate, here’s how you enter…

To celebrate the release of the 3 new Facebook page apps, a ‘Contact Us’ app , an ‘About Us’ app and a RSS app, Fanzila, creators of custom Free Fan Page Apps ,are giving away free Premium licenses for 1 year worth $1,188 to 200 bloggers and website owners!  Click this link to learn more and to see how many free licenses are left.”

Here’s what makes an effective promotion that they did well:

  1. Easy to enter (2 steps)
  2. A valuable prize available to a significant number of people
  3. They give you the text to insert (no brainer)
  4. Makes the contestant entrant look good to their audience
  5. Gets the word out on bloggers and creates tons of backlinks

In fact, I copied and pasted the “how to enter” text above verbatim and the links pre-populated. Easy peasy. Additionally, I found out about this via Tech Zulu’s blog. It obviously works and creates visibility for the blogger too.

Though this may not be the fastest promotion, giving a limited number of entries instead of a game over date allows for more visibility over several weeks versus several days.

Please share the promotion strategies you like the best.