If you’re like me, you’ve taken to “Googling” everything or finding an iphone app to enrich life in some way. Recently my husband and I discovered a magnificent walk through San Diego. I have named the walk “The Bridges of Hillcrest.” This walk takes you through Balboa Park, beautiful lush rustic canyons, some of the local neighborhood and 5 walking bridges (all with unique constructions) in a 4.5 mile loop. Who would have thought you could find all this in the middle of urban San Diego?

Quince St Bridge San Diego
This is one of 5 bridges we encountered along our walk. Plus, the walk takes you right down through that beautiful canyon you see in the distance.

What does all this have to do with social media and online? Well, I wanted to share this route with all my friends. Previously, I had tried to find an iphone app (which I know is out there) to map this walk while in route.  However, I was unsuccessful with the initial app I found (like myTracks) plus it took time and attention away from the walk to manage. I still would enjoy having one that works as I love walking. So my next app to try will be…  iMapMyWalk If you have a preferred app that will map your walk, is easy to use and accurately reflects location please share it in the comments.

Nonetheless I was app-less and wanted something easy and quick after the fact that would let me capture the route. So, I googled “map a walk” and low and behold the easiest FREE tool came up that allowed me to create a route on google maps and create a permanent link to this. Want to see it? http://www.geodistance.com/?id=69981

Now, I have simple little link that I can use on my mobile phone, share with friends on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and via email. This little walk enriched my life and now with my blog, social media posts and email, I get to spread the word and invite others to enrich their lives with this wonderful walk. By the way, this all started with regular print media where my husband found an article in the San Diego Reader. This article shared a map but didn’t complete a loop to walk, so we decided to take an adventure cross the Spruce Street bridge and thanks to my map on iphone were able to route our way through the local neighborhood back to the glorious canyon that would lead us back up to the Quince Street bridge.

If you’re ever in San Diego and want to go on a really awesome 1.5 hour walk, feel free to use our route. Call me… I might even join you for it.

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