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Best Times to post on social mediaOne of the biggest questions I get when implementing a social marketing strategy is, what are the best times to post on social media. The answer is it depends on the network and on your audience. Oh and by the way, this can change from season to season and research resource to resource. In a recent article by Beth Katner’s organization Darian suggests posting to Facebook, Twitter, etc. during your followers’ down time. Below are two great infographics that compile information from a variety of research that seems to support this common sense idea of posting during times when people are most likely using the networks. Link to this page to reference the infographic to help remind you when the best times for you post to your social networks is.

Best Times to Post On Social Networks 2012

You can see that some of the numbers have changed slightly since these numbers below possibly due mobile users accessing social media from their smartphones.

Courtesy of: Social Caffeine

What times get the most engagement on social media for you?

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  1. Didn’t think that time of posts mattered, but these are good information to know. Social Media has a great impact on promoting a business and it is beneficial to know everything you can about it.