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Update 2013: LinkedIn changed  the way you add video. It’s super easy now. Do the following to add videos to LinkedIn:

  1. Hoover over Profile in the navigation bar and select Edit Profile
  2. Scroll down to the top of the section you’d like to add video to.
  3. How to add video to your linkedin profileClick the icon that looks like a rectangle with a + sign in the lower right corner.  You’ll find this icon on the top right side of the section.
  4. Add the YouTube video link to the field.
  5. You may also add images, audio, and documents. Here is a list of other content you can attach to your LinkedIn profile:

Update March 2012  -The easiest way to share videos on LinkedIn is via the SlideShare App. Upload your videos to your account and then install the SlideShare app on your LinkedIn profile.

Google Presentation has not worked properly on my LinkedIn account so the original information below may not be applicable.

Please Do NOT read further.

With the Google Presentation application available in LinkedIn, you can share any YouTube video on your LinkedIn profile. Following these easy steps, you’ll be able to debut your videos on one of the most popular social media sites out there… LinkedIn.

    1. Log into your LinkedIn account.
    2. Under the More menu (right most menu option), select Applications Directory.LinkedIn Application Dierctory
    3. Click on the Google presentation application button.Google Presentation LinkedIn Application
    4. Click to Install the application.
    5. Click Create Your Presentation.
    6. In Google Docs, click the Insert menu and select Video.insert video into google docs
    7. Search for the title of your YouTube video or your channel name, click on the video and Select Video to insert
    8. Size the video to fit the entire screen at the corners.
      google presentation inserted size

youtube video sized in google docus

  1. Be sure to change the title from untitled to something relevant to the content.
  2. Save the presentation.
  3. Go back to LinkedIn Google Presentation page and refresh the page.
  4. You will see your Google presentation title appear in the list.
  5. Click on the title of your video presentation.LinkedIn select Google Presentation
  6. Click the button at the bottom of the list window that says Post To Profile.
  7. Agree to make this a public presentation.

And viola… your video is posted to LinkedIn on your profile as well as your homepage.