Get friends to like facebook fan pageYou’ve set up your fan page and you’re wondering, “How do I get my friends to Like my fan page?” Here are eight ways to drive your friends to your fan page and get more Facebook Likes:

1. Post an update weekly on your personal timeline asking Friends to Like Your Fan Page

Your fan page has a unique URL (you may customize your fan page URL (after you get 25 likes). Simply go to your fan page and copy the URL in your BROWSER url bar. Then go back to your personal profile and in the “Write Something” box, add a message like this:“Grand Opening of my new fan page. Please stop by today, and if you like what you see, “Like” Our page.” Then include the URL that you paste in at the end. Post this and your friends who are online may see this post pop up in their newsfeed and click through to your fan page. Also, “Like” this post yourself to call a little more attention to it. You might even tag some people in your company or some very supportive friends in this post. Do it tactfully. You could thank them (tag them) for their support.

The following week thank more people for Liking the page and then let everyone know, there’s always room for another Like. “Come on by and give us some love. Fan page URL

2. Post a link to a cool photo, video or question that you posted on your fan page

Not only does your fan page have a unique URL, but so does every post, photo, video, note and custom application/tab associated with your page. So you can drive people to comment on a specific update you have on your fan page. This may or may not result in LIKES unless the URL you’ve sent them to has a Like button on it or you’ve specifically asked them to like the page and told them how to from where they are. The photo could be a Welcome sign with the words/comment “Remember to Like us to get our updates regularly.”

If you post a link to an application tab (sub-pages of your fan page), the Like button will appear at the top right. For example, this application page offers a video series and suggests that visitors Like the page.

You could, of course, make a video where you ask them to Like your page.

Here is an example video that Kimberly Castleberry posted on her fan page and then posted the link to on her personal profile.

3. Email Friends Using Your Email System or via Facebook Messages

If you are going to email people via Facebook to Like your page, I recommend doing it one at a time. The reason for this is that when someone replies to a message that was sent to more than one person, the reply is sent to everyone (unless someone has opted out of the message stream).

So if you want to do group email to your friends about liking your fan page, it’s best to email them through your regular email channels. Please remember to BCC each person so they don’t “spam” each other when they reply to YOU.

You may get quicker responses, however, by messaging within Facebook. So this is a great task to delegate to a Virtual Assistant. Be sure to make your message personal. When delegating this kind of task, please send your Virtual Assistant 10 different versions of your message so you don’t get banned from Facebook and send no more than 20 messages out at a time. I would not, however, recommend, messaging other Fan Pages to “Like” your page. First of all they don’t count in your likes and second of all it seems very impersonal and you don’t have a relationship with them so it’s presumptuous to ask.

4. Encourage Them With An Offer

Post something like this on your personal wall: “For the next 500 Likes, I am making available my 49.97 “Rock Your Fan Pages System” FREE, (no opt-in). Please visit, like and share.

This step requires some advanced set up. You’ll want to use an app that has a reveal tab function. That means the pdf will be revealed only after the person has liked the page. Woobox iframe Static HTML works really well for this.

5. Tell Them In Person Or On The Phone

I know it’s old fashioned, but you can always call and ask people verbally. Get them on the phone while they are in front of their computer and tell them how to get to your page and like it.

6. Use Your Business Card and Email Signature to Encourage Likes

This reminds me, make sure you place your fan page URL on your business card and in your email signature.

7. Link Your Personal Profile To Your Fan Page

This is my most preferred way to find someone’s fan page. Using the Employment and Work section of your About page on your personal profile/timeline, you can add a Facebook link to your fan page. If your fan page name is the name of your business, then add your title and in the employer field start typing the name of your fan page exactly as you have it registered and a blue box should appear with your fan page name below it. Click the BLUE box. That will set up a permanent link from your personal profile to your fan page.

Here’s a quick video that explains exactly how connect your personal Facebook timeline to your fan page:

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Also be sure to include under websites, a link to your fan page in the About and Website sections of your personal timeline.

8. Link your other social networks to your fan page

LinkedIn… use one of the website fields to link back to your Fan Page url.

In your twitter bio, include a link to your fan page. Pinterest upload a screen shot of your fan page and link to your fan page. Also in your description, include a link to your fan page.  Remember to encourage people to check out your fan page in Tweets and mentions from time to time. Some even set up direct messages that have proven to drive Likes too. Others feel it is annoying. Go with your gut on this one.

In your Google Plus About page link to your Facebook fan page as well as in the links section.

Get an page and add all your social media links.

Implementing the above eight strategies will consistently drive new Likes and visitors to your fan page.

Please share your Facebook fan page strategies to get your friends to Like your Fan Page with us. We welcome your ideas.

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  1. Fantastic tips! Sometimes we forget that a simple thing like asking for what we want will get results. Am glad you mentioned using your e-mail list too. That has been one of my main sources. Not just for more likes but for interaction on the page as well. Much success to you!

  2. Good tips and suggestions. All contribute to more the kind od likes and shares businesses want.

    I would also add (for retail businesses) to make sure fans can check in from their mobile phone and then give them a reason to do so, like a coupon or gift.

    I agree with most of the ideas however when it comes to links on Twitter and LinkedIn, I use a site similar to called BrandYourself that collects ALL of your relevant links in one place for all to see and click, that also optimizes well for search… That’s the link I add to Twitter and LI.

    I’m always wary of how often post on my personal timeline about my business.

    Love the suggestion about tying the employment to the fan page – agree that it’s a must and all employees should align to the same page… Thanks for sharing, Laura!

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