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Video 3: How To Add Value On Social Media

Have you ever wondered what you should say on your social media updates? In this video, Certified Social Media Marketing Consultant Coach Laura Rubinstein shows you a simple method for developing valuable content to post on your social media sites.

Now you can resolve your frustration with social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube and grow your relationships and revenue using social networking with the entire video series. This is the third of five videos that will help you become a recognized expert using these social networking sites.

Laura teaches you how to navigate the social networks for your business with her simple online strategies. In this video Laura covers the third biggest reason people avoid getting started on social media… figuring out how to overcome their concern of not having anything worthwhile to say. Take it from this Jersey girl, and find how to gain confidence and grow your connections today. Be sure to opt-in for notifications about her entire series and social media tips at




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