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mavsocialAccording to Chris Hodgeman of MavSocial, there are over 110 widely used social media management platforms available. But none of them address sourcing and managing visual content except for MavSocial. I am testing out this platform for visual content management. For organizations who have multiple people engaging on the social networks on behalf of the organization there are many features that can enhance productivity through content management, post and campaign development, social engagement, and reporting.

Like most social media management platforms you can create messages to share immediately or schedule content to be shared at a time of your choice. One feature I’ve always wanted in a social media management tool is to be able to schedule the same post to multiple networks at DIFFERENT times. MavSocial offers a scheduling tool that allows you to create a master post and choose the networks and times you want it to be published. Kudos to the developers for programming this function. They are also constantly enhancing features like these to be more robust to include posting to various places within a network at various times.

Stock Image LibrarMavSocial Post Manager Stock Image library screenshoty Built Into Social Media Management Tool

What is most unique about MavSocial is the stock photo library. They have partnered with Bigstock, Getty Images, and Fotolia to provide a library of over 70,0000 images that you can purchase and use on social media for only $1.99 – 2.49 each. That is a bargain price for stock images. These images make social media posts more engaging.

 Image Editor

To capitalize on the visual content trend online, MavSocial has an image editor built right into this platform. This editor allows you to crop, add text, and change brightness, contrast, sharpness, warmth, and saturation. Plus you can resize, and even draw on and remove red eye and blemishes. There are several more features like adding frames, stickers and effects. Each time you create a new version of the image it stores it. With this image editor, it makes it super fast to create different versions of your images and split test your posts to see which gets the most engagement.


Respond To Comments With MavSocial Social Inbox

Their social inbox is set up like an email box where you can see posts and activity on each of your networks. The Facebook inbox includes posts with comments, friend request acceptances to which you may comment back. A very handy feature is the search field in the inbox. That’s right, finally a way to find that Facebook post about a certain topic. Search your followers for hashtags they recently used.

If you have a team that works on your social strategy often times keeping track of the repository of graphics shared on social media is challenging. That problem is solved. You can create multiple logins to one account and all images and social media messages are housed in one location.MavSocial all in one social inbox messaging screenshot

Reporting with Engagement Optimization

Though their reporting section is not filled with deep analytics, it does have some very useful and unique data. Their Reporting section is able to easily ascertain details on engagement per post which can work as a great resource for developing better content over time. In addition, they also tell you what days and times your posts get most engagement. Unlike any other management tool I’ve seen, you can look up engagement by digital media you published.

Since this is a young platform, many new features are in development. As they evolve the interface and features I think this can be one of the most powerful social media management tools for teams who want to put together powerful campaigns.

MavSocial realtime reporting and metrics screenshots  MavSocial Dashboard Screenshot

To give MavSocial a try sign-up here.

More insights on the MavSocial social media management tool in an interview with MavSocial’s founder Matthew Holden. He shares the future of MavSocial, the types of businesses that MavSocial is designed for and the video marketing background that this platform is based upon.