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Hangout With Coach Laura

Social Media Hot Tips 2014

Join Us for Our Next Hot Social Media Tips Hangout:
April 18  at 1 pm PST/2 pm MT/ 3 pm CST/ 4 pm EST

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During this Google Hangout on Air you  will discover simple tools and strategies to use in 2014
that will make your social media blast off. It’s your year to shine.

Dear Friends,

Every day there is a new app, change on social media and strategy that is revealed that is working. I spend countless hours collaborating with colleagues, reading the technology updates, and testing the strategies and I’m going to share what I’m working on and great tips you can take away and start to implement and launch your 2014.

You’re in for a treat as I reveal:

* What’s hot in Facebook for getting more posts seen, liked, commented and shared
* How to get more opt-ins by capitalizing on multiple networks at the same time
* 3 strategies growing your list using LinkedIn
* How to increase Google search results using Google Plus
* And way more

I look forward to sharing with you the tips, trends and tools to make your social media blast off in 2014!



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