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Social Media Consulting and Training

Whether you’re new to social media or want to develop a robust visibility strategy, our services can play a significant part in getting your brand established and noticed on social media.

At Transform Today, we offer several digital media and marketing services:

  1. Social Media Set Up / Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing Strategy Development
  3. Social Media Custom Training for you and/or your team
  4. Social Media and Marketing keynote speaker and breakout session presentations
  5. Marketing Coaching/Consulting (click here to book a session)
  6. Social Media Done-For-You
  7. Website development and integration with social media
  8. Social Media Training Series
    (Visit the Savvy Social Media Success System site for details on social media course)

Mix and Match Our Services or…

If the right mix isn’t there for you, we would be happy to design the perfect package for you.

Why “Do” Social Media with Professionals

  • Social media for business offers a tool to help you stand out and promote your brand in ways that differentiate you and attract more attention when you do it RIGHT.
  • Having an optimized social media presence gives you more credibility with potential clients.
  • You will be taken seriously by industry leaders because we will train you to become savvy at communicating online.
  • Since not many others in your field are utilizing social media to effectively build relationships with their market, you have an unprecedented opportunity to stand out in your field.
  • You can create an authentic and compelling presence online using simple time saving tactics you’ll learn from us.
  • You can have your work visible regionally and develop the “I’ve heard of you before” effect with key contacts you are looking for.
  • Social media and networking is here, and your target audience is spending more of their time using these social networking sites and it’s growing rapidly

Working together you will learn to use social networking sites to help you:

  • Attract new prospects who may never have found you
  • Create greater online exposure in the search engines
  • Attract new opportunities with strategically aligned professionals/industry leaders


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