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Coach Laura Yellow Pages

Over the years I have met a variety of wonderful people offering really cool products and services. Some of them I have tried and others I haven’t but felt they might help people. Be sure to do your due diligence. This is like my personal yellow pages of local San Diego businesses as well as national and international resources.*

Stephanie West – Go West & The Ancient Palm – Graphic Design

When using social media, I often rely upon quality graphic design and web development from Stephanie West. Her creativity, quality, and patience are some of the great things about working with her. Find her website at:

Debbie Bermont – 10 Mindset Expert

Debbie works with entrepreneurs to change their mindset so they can thrive and create the lifestyle, fulfillment and success of their highest potential. Check out her 10 Mindset Program

Megan Gilbert – Photographer – for your social media or important events

Megan works hard to take photos that will be useful for your specific purposes. She is creative and innovative and fun to work with. Click Here to see some shots she took of me.

M.Marie Photography – Weddings, Birthdays, Head Shots, Anniversaries, Parties, etc.

Judie Keys, Hypnotherapist & New Life Coach for Abused People

I met Judie via LinkedIn and I have found her to be exceptional at follow up and relationship building. She has been trained in a variety of modalities and is a delight to get to know. She offers a free consultation.
Click here to visit her site and you can connect with her on LinkedIn here.

Clea Shannon – Health Coach

Clea ran a very creative contest on her blog that involved using social media, commenting and other engagement to help promote her work as a gluten free health coach.

Health Blog & Health Coaching – Win a Vitamix Contest. Enter through December 11


*Disclosure: Some of the links (not all) are affiliate links that I may receive a commission or credit for linking you to. Thank you for your support. I strive to bring you quality information and only a select number of people make it on this valuable list.

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