Debbie Bermont reveals how to turn your expertise or product into a high six or seven figure business with ease in any economy!

Develop a Social Media Success MindsetAccording to Debbie Bermont a recent guest on Social Buzz University a 10 Mindset is defined as living your highest potential and living with 100% confidence in your goals such that you automatically take right actions and success is a natural outcome.

She had us do a couple of exercises that were very powerful way of revealing our current mindset and the steps to take to living our highest potential. This Social Buzz Club training is available along with the entire Learning Center of Expert Courses to Social Buzz Club Basic and Premium Members and at Social Buzz University. The truth is that we all have a 10 mindset, we now need to live from it.

6 Steps to Living a 10 Mindset

Debbie enlightened us with her 6 Steps to Living a 10 Mindset. Here is an overview.

1. Space (time, emotion, physical)

Master your time space, your emotional space and your physical space and you’ll begin to get into the flow of a 10 Mindset.

2. Vision

What is your vision for your life, success, relationships. Are you living from a 10 Mindset or the Gap. If you are living from the gap, you are living from the hope you can get not what’s possible.

3. Beliefs

Master your fears. You may be operating from your fears on an unconscious level. Your subconscious beliefs that are your fears are not the truth. The things you value and love about yourself is your truth. Set up your life to access the greatest gifts in the flow. Debbie shows you how to bypass your gap and go straight to your highest potential by examining existing belief systems, extinguishing the ones that come from fear, and igniting the truth and choosing new beliefs.

Belief systems need to be congruent with the goals you identified and Debbie expertly guided us through an exercise in aligning belief systems.

She also reminded us that the only place to access 10 mindset is in the present.

4. Habits

Are your habits as productive as they could be? You can’t change anything you are not conscious of. If you’re operating from a 10 Mindset you’ll spend your time and energy on the highest things you can influence.

5. Community

Your community is everyone you interact with. The people in your life can be looked at as coaches or critics. Take note of who are supportive people in your life. The fastest way to grow your business is hang out with successful people who are where you want to be (10 mindset).

6. Business Success Team

There are 9 types of team members to have on your Business Success Team. She covers all ten in her 10 Mindset program. Here are two roles to look for.


I personally realized how valuable I can be to others because of the role I naturally play as a connector. That is why I was compelled to write this blog post and share Debbie Bermont and her wisdom with you. Consider me part of your Business Success Team. Feel free to share your insights and/or ask me for help in connecting you to great people and resources that can help.

Get Your 10 Mindset On and Grow Your Business Exponentially

Debbie’s wisdom is truly empowering and always gets people out of the gap and into the profit zone. Her 10 Mindset Program is available now and she offered me a special that I am passing along to you. If you’re ready to eliminate all the obstacles to your success and live the life you’ve dreamed of, please read this page or click the image below.

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