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Event Specials

Toastmaster’s LACE Social Media Presentations

To access the  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn presentations, please fill in your name and email and we will send them to you immediately:


 LACE Event Specials

If you’re ready to optimize your social networks, grow your communities of raving fans, and attract more opportunities, checkout these specials. Specials and coupons good through July 5.

#1 Social Media Blast Off System

1 pay of $397 (use coupon code LAUNCH2000 good through July 5)

3 payments of $175

#2 LinkedIn Master Class only $49

#3 Rock Your Fan Pages  $27

#4 Twitter Blast Off Course $49

#5 Social Media Private Session $125 (use coupon code LAURA125)

#6 Social Buzz Club Annual Premium Membership* First year FREE  then $97/yr

  1. Go to
  2. Enter registration information and PROMO code: BUZZDEAL31.
  3. Click “Sign Up Now” button
  4. On check out page, enter Coupon code: PREM1STFREE and apply to get first year free. Enter your credit card info. And check out.

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