Business Breakthrough Weekend BlastoffWhen you want good advice on getting your business to the next level, where do you go? Over the past year and a half I’ve been collaborating with Business Mentor Allison Maslan. Having someone who has created success repeatedly guide you is invaluable. Allison has impressively built ten companies starting from scratch. What I love is that she still maintains her original passion of health and wellness. She has been a Homeopath for 17 years and incorporates wellness into every area of her business and encourages her clients to do the same.

7-Figure Success: Business Growth System

When you want to make the large leap in your business and create momentum, you need a system. When you attend the Blastoff! Business Breakthrough weekend, that’s what you get. Allison takes you through her 6 pillars model where you experience a comprehensive a series of exercises, wisdom of a wealthy mindset, and a complete business blueprint. Plus you will learn how to develop your ideas into million dollar results, and receive the structure to create a balanced life and profitable business.

Real Rising Stars

The people who attend her 3-day event and year long program have passions that are changing the lives of people everyday. Watch for yourself. Allison has coached thousands of entrepreneurs, authors and coaches and and national clients such as Ben & Jerry’s, Merill Lynch, and Supercuts.

Personally I have watched an authors get 6 figure book contract, a promotional product company double their sales, new business start ups have a cash flow positive first year, and my own business has increased by 30%.

Blast Off Business Breakthrough with Allison Maslan from Allison Maslan on Vimeo.

Stephanie Gunning recommends Allison Maslan

For all of the above reasons and the fact that Allison is a high integrity delightful person , I love collaborating with her and her Pinnacle members.