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Social Media Blast Off Course – Affiliate Promotion Content

This page contains a variety of banners, graphics, tweets, emails and blurbs available (along with the code) to help you promote our various programs.

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Here’s how to use the banner (READ NOTE BELOW CAREFULLY):

Copy and paste the following code into your HTML:

<!--Begin---> <a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="social media mastery" width="300" height="128" /></a> <br /><img src="" border="0" alt="" width="0" height="0" /> <!--End---> 

NOTE: Substitute the URL in quotes above with your affiliate URL.
IMPORTANT: Replace it in both (2) locations above. Leave the quotes in the code.

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Tweets/Facebook/LinkedIn Updates:

Social Media Posts are best used in a conversational tone during peak hours on your favorite social platform. Insert your UNIQUE AFFILIATE DEFAULT URL at the location indicated in the suggested posts. Your default url, will drive your traffic to the sales page 

Tips: Use a service like to shorten your URL to give you more room to customize the post to suit your friends and followers language. Also, try to schedule your posts ahead of time!


  • I love how @CoachLaura helps businesses succeed on social media INSERT URL #SMBO
  • If you want more business from social media develop relationships. Learn gr8 ways INSERT URL #SMBO
  • The most important way to grow your biz online, is to form strategic relationships. Learn how INSERT URL #SMBO
  • @CoachLaura Love what you’re doing to help people transform and develop sustainable business models INSERT URL #SMBO
  • Are your social media efforts paying off? Learn all the insider secrets from @CoachLaura  INSERT URL #SMBO
  • Want a network that WORKS to promote you. Check out this unique social media course INSERT URL #SMBO
  • Do you want to stop wasting time on facebook and twitter? I recommend INSERT URL #SMBO


  • Would you like to stop wasting time and start seeing a return on your investment on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube? Learn the strategies of top marketers, get your burning questions answered, and tap into a network that works for YOU! Coach Laura is a fantastic trainer. Check out her unique course INSERT URL
  • How are you developing profitable relationships on the social networks? Want more strategies? INSERT URL
  • There is so much to know on social media and you might just want to tap into a great resource I rely upon… Laura Rubinstein’s online Social Media Blast Off Course. Don’t miss it. INSERT URL
  • Whether you’re a solopreneur, professional, speaker, author or service provider, you MUST learn how to use social media for your business to have credibility in today’s market. Learn how to thrive with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube INSERT URL
  • Like this if you want someone to do your social media marketing for you but you don’t have a budget to outsource it. Secrets to social media success in 20 minutes/day… learn from the best, save money and profit from strategies. Coach Laura’s class rocks. You’ll get so much more out of it than you can even imagine.  INSERT URL

Blurb for Newsletter or Website

If social media marketing is a mystery to you and you’re ready to see a return on your efforts, you’ll want to master some important strategies. Coach Laura Rubinstein guides you through a 5 week course where you’ll learn secrets that big brands and professional marketers are using to attract the attention of the millions. The playing field has been leveled. Are you taking full advantage of the marketing opportunity you have? Go here to learn how you can INSERT URL

Send EMAIL to Your List – Give Free Videos / Post as BLOG – Here’s some copy

This article is ideal for an email or blog post.

IMPORTANT: When you insert your URL, it must include this addition to the end of the link: & in order to lead them to the page where they can get the free webinar. After they opt-in for that, they will be taken to the sales page.

SUBJECT: Does Social Media Really Work?

Hi _____,

We all know how powerful social media can be for businesses, but
are you aware what it can do for your cash flow needs?

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve set up your profiles on Facebook,
LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and then started wondering:

* What exactly do I do now?
* What are the best strategies to implement?
* What exactly is the real value of social media marketing?
* How can I connect with more clients?
*  How do I use all these tools together?

Well, recently we joined forces with Laura Rubinstein to not only answer all
these questions but more importantly to make sure business owners like you
have a secret social media marketing advantage in your marketplace.

Laura is a rock star and completely understands how to use these
tools to create a significant impact on YOUR business!

So I asked her to give me something I could offer to my list for
free, so you can check her out and see if she can help you move
your business to the next level online.

Claim your free pass to some of her best advice here:

She is a Certified Social Media Marketing Strategist who
specializes in working with entrepreneurs who are ready to
explode their online presence.

Here’s the link again:

I am not sure how long she will leave this content up so check it
out now and if your serious you’ll take her up on her webinar

Here’s to your social media success!


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