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Social Media Blast Off System

Ever wonder how you can turn the time you spend on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube into productive profitable time?

Would you like to use your social networking time to…

  • Grow your contacts and lists
  • Generate loads of interest and leads for your products and services
  • Turn those leads into customers and clients

Would you like to spend less time on Facebook and other similar communities yet have an active presence?

Here are the six things you need to grow
your lists and convert your contacts to clients…

  1. Set yourself up RIGHT (not breaching any social media terms of use)
  2. Get involved in the conversation
  3. Build Radical Strategic Visibility (coined by my mentor, Mari Smith)
  4. Focus on building relationships on purpose
  5. Automate your value
  6. Stay consistent

Discover the inside secrets to social media marketing success.

In the Social Media Blast Off course you will be guided throughthe process of maximizing your social media presence:

Session 1: Translate your brand effectively into social media and select the RIGHT Social Media Sites.

Session 2: Get set up RIGHT. Map out your strategy on Facebook

Session 3: Optimize LinkedIn. Grow your network. Learn to raise visibility.

Session 4: How to Grow your Twitter Community. Set the proper systems and tools to leverage your time. Creative ways to contribute to your friends, fans, followers and contacts.

BONUS Session:


* Put it all together with a strategic time leveraging plan.
* Harnessing the value of YouTube and Blogs.
* Work with strategic partners to promote each other.
* Let the magic of your network WORK For You.

Find out how you can have your network WORK for you!

More Bonuses

**** Get Set Up Right Action Guide ****
**** How To Video with simple Facebook and Twitter Optimization and Tips and tricks ****
**** How to Create a Fan Page VIDEO ***

Intensive Details

  • Each session is 90 minutes via webcast
  • ALL sessions are RECORDED and downloadable.Bonus 90 minute Master Class.
  • Focus topic training – how to step by step video
  • Hot seats Each Session (we will help you progress by working with your social media sites in real time)
  • Action Guide for each session
  • Study Buddy from the class to work through your social media development tasks
  • Experience the power of your network working.
  • Private networking site for members filled with resources and place to share yours.
  • Your questions answered in between sessions in the Q & A Forum.
  • Getting your profiles set up for success pre-requisite fulfillment guide and recording.

What Others Are Saying About Coach Laura’s Social Media Marketing…

“Laura is a great team leader, she is very detailed oriented and is excellent at keeping everyone else in the team organized and on track to get the job done on time. She really understands what a company needs to position themselves and get results with social media. She is a great asset to any company looking to expand their business online.” August 10, 2009 – Mark Eldridge , Founder & Chairman , NetRevMedia Corp.

“I’ve had a great pleasure working with Laura on the recent social media projects. Laura’s strong leadership skills and extensive social media knowledge play the key roles in developing strong and viable online marketing campaigns. I highly recommend Laura as an amazing team playerand a very versed social media specialist. Karmen Reed” August 2, 2009 Karmen Reed , Owner/Founder , Kickoff Topic – Social Media Marketing Solutions

“I had the pleasure of working with Laura on our C1 Social Media Strategic Team and I look forward to working with her on our upcoming Virtual Strategic Visibility Summit. Laura’s collaborative style helped transform and lead this multi-platform rollout. Her focus and relentless dedication to details and structure carried through on many levels. Laura makes everyone feel that the environment they are working in is effective and that they are an important piece of the puzzle. Laura is a strategic team player and she was a key figure in the implementation of our Social Media Marketing Plan. Laura Rubinstein is an asset as a Social Media Specialist as well as a Success Coach and a Hypnotherapist!” Heather Graham , Social Media Strategist

“Working with you, Laura, has made social networking FUN! I love the analagy of it being like socializing at a party! – Penny Cruz, Marco Polo Designs

Watch these FREE Videos for more info on Social Media Success…

Want more information? Want to hear Coach Laura in action? Watch and listen to our preview webcasts right NOW…. click these links and learn the essentials to Transform Your Social Media presence.
Transform Your Social Net Worth Part 1 (same as video above)

Transform Your Social Net Worth Part 2- Recording (note: this audio begins 9 minutes in)

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Classes are held Wednesday’s at 1 pm Pacific.

All classes are recorded for replay at any time.

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Give Yourself the GIFT of Social Media Success.

If you have any questions about the intensive, feel free to call Coach Laura’s office directly at 619-293-3353. or contact us (via CoachLaura’s facebook profile).

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What is your biggest challenge with social media?

I look forward to helping you Transform Your Social Net Worth.


Coach Laura

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