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Facebook Fan Page Success Class | ROCK Your Fan Pages with Custom Tabs!

REVEALED: Everything You Need to Make a
Facebook Welcome Page that ROCKS
and Multiply Your LIKES!

San Diego, CA
Thursday, 10:25 am

Dear Friend,

When you arrive at a Facebook page and see a beautiful graphic image, video, special report, or coupon  for LIKING the page, you may find yourself impressed by the professionalism yearning to do that for your fan page.

Would you like to provide your fan page  visitors a professional experience that results in more LIKES to your Facebook fan page? Using custom landing tabs, fan gating can seem overwhelming.  Fear NOT. I am going to show you everything you need to know to set up your own custom landing tabs with cool features like the coupon revealed for liking, opting into your mail list and even placing videos on the tabs.

If you’re like me and thousands of other business owners, you want to know the keys to using Facebook and other social networking sites to magnetize more paying customers to you.

I have been collecting and testing all the tools, apps and software systems I can get my hands on and have been implementing them on my clients fan pages. Rave results are starting to pour in and you’re in luck! I’ve cherry picked the most rewarding tools, strategies and examples and am personally sharing it all with you.

Maybe you’re like me, you’ve set up your Facebook fan page and then waited for the business to start rolling in and then started wondering:

  • How do I get more likes?
  • How are potential customers going to find my page?
  • What exactly do I do now?
  • What are the mistakes other make that wreak havok on fan page success?
  • Will I have to spend all my time managing my fan page?
  • Are there simple strategies to grow fan loyalty and create raving fans that recommend me to their friends?
  • What are the top 3 easy ways to convert Likes into clients?

Finally, You Will Have All The Strategies, Specific Steps and Tools
to Create All the Online Sales You Want

During this 1 hour LIVE webinar you will discover:

  • 6 Different Types of Landing pages that drive more LIKES
  • 5 Great example fan pages that build your LIST
  • Step By Step HOW TO Create Your very own custom landing tab that looks professional and gets you LIKES
  • How to create a fan gate or reveal tab that requires liking and then delivers special reports, videos or coupons.
  • 10 simple tools that are FREE to build your custom fan page
  • One simple step to overcome all your concerns about SSL simply and easily
  • Plus, you will be able to get your questions ANSWERED

Yes, the Replay is included.

Let me show you how knock the socks off your competition on your fan page and

  • Attract the clients who are meant for you.
  • Build a community of raving fans
  • Position yourself as the go to expert/product in your field

Access Now & Receive These Awesome Bonuses

When you register you will also receive the following valuable bonuses:

BONUS #1: You’ll receive as a special bonus a free report… Embedding the LIKE button in your page.

BONUS #2: 24-7 Replay Access for six months

BONUS #3: List of recommended Facebook applications for building a custom landing page


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