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Link Your Facebook Profile to Your Fan Page

How To Link Your Facebook Profile to Your Fan Page When you make it easy for people to find your fan page. you will get more visitors and people liking your page. Since most people will search for you by name, it would be most advantageous to have links from your profile to your fan […]

How to Change

How To Change Dan Heath of FastCompany gives us a great overview on why change is so hard. Watch the video and then I’ll explain how to create change and move beyond the barrier of exhaustion, laziness, sabotage or whatever you want to call it. While exerting self-control to bring about a habit change can […]

Simple and Profitable Marketing Follow-Up Systems

Following up with members of your target market is critical to your momentum and business success. My colleague and founder of Productive Learning and Leisure, Rick Itzkowich, put together this great video demonstrating why follow up and following through with potential clients can boost your revenue. Often times the biggest mystery is how to systematize […]

Hypnotherapy Helps Me Be a Better Social Media Consultant

You may have noticed that in addition to my 20 years of marketing experience and my passion for social media that I also hold a Hypnotherapy certification and retain a strong practice. I was waiting for the day when someone would ask me about the connection and fit between hypnosis and my marketing services. Well […]

Hootsuite Upgrade Gives Great Flexibility In Posting

Using Hootsuite to update twitter along with your other social networks simultaneously by integrating it with has just gotten sweeter! I have been a fan of  Hootsuite for the past 9 months.  Prior to the recent upgrade if you wanted to schedule updates to all your social networks you would simply click your twitter […]

Creating a Social 2010

This website has been a long time coming and is ever evolving. The process of learning Thesis Theme and being able to customize it is something I’m ready to turn over to a professional. Stay tuned. In the mean time, visit… my alternate blog.

How Google Wave will reshape the blogging world forever. Great basic explanation and details for techy peeps too

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Analyze social media content (via @MariSmith)