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LinkedIn Marketing Enhanced By Optimizing – 5 Tips For Small Business

More than three million registered members currently use LinkedIn, according to the professional networking site, and an average of two new users join every second. While many businesses and job seekers turn to LinkedIn to post and find jobs, the social network also operates as a great business marketing tool. Drive sales for your small […]

How To Request LinkedIn Recommendations From Connections

In order to receive killer LinkedIn recommendations you need to know how to request them from within LinkedIn. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to find the “Request a Recommendation” section from within your profile. Keep in mind that you must be a first level connection with someone first before requesting a recommendation from them. […]

Best Times To Post on Social Media Infographics

One of the biggest questions I get when implementing a social marketing strategy is, what are the best times to post on social media. The answer is it depends on the network and on your audience. Oh and by the way, this can change from season to season and research resource to resource. In a […]

How To Get Great LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn is the best social media platform to present your professional history along with endorsements.  No matter what line of work you’re in, having glowing recommendations throughout your profile will serve you well. For example, when a client or potential employer asks you for references you can point them to your LinkedIn profile. All Recommendations […]

3 Great Ways to Do Keyword Research

Listening to SEO experts about Google’s Panda and Penguin changes, most say superior content is going to get you ranked better than using blackhat, backlinking and other questionable techniques. Being a supporter of high quality content online, I was excited to hear that. So how do you determine what kind of content is valuable and […]

LinkedIn: Keep Your Skills Up and Get Endorsements

LinkedIn added the Endorse Skills feature this week which allows for a new and very easy way for people to give and receive endorsements. Not only that, it’s a great way to get visibility. That is, LinkedIn shows the profile thumbnail of each person who endorses you. So, if you go to your connections profiles […]

LinkedIn Works Even If You’re a Social Media Newbie Like Judie

LinkedIn can work well for the novice… who has common sense. A few months ago LinkedIn suggested I connect with someone I might know. Her name is Judie Keys. Judie is a local San Diego Hypnotherapist and New Life Coach for abused people. I reached out to her to connect on LinkedIn and much to […]

Social Media for Peace

September 11 is a great day for me to steep myself more deeply into the mindset of peace. The benefits of practicing and contemplating peace are so vast. You have the ability to create a powerful ripple effect. I invite you to slow your mind down for a few moments and contemplate how you can […]

Benefits and Guidelines for Using Social Media to Develop Relationships

Social networking is here to stay. Popular videos like the one here, point to the compelling reality about what’s happening and great benefits of developing online connections. The key is to balance your time and activities online. Public social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow anyone with an email address to sign up, […]

Add Your YouTube Videos to LinkedIn with Google Presentation App

Update 2013: LinkedIn changed  the way you add video. It’s super easy now. Do the following to add videos to LinkedIn: Hoover over Profile in the navigation bar and select Edit Profile Scroll down to the top of the section you’d like to add video to. Click the icon that looks like a rectangle with […]