To Subscribe or Not To Subscribe on Facebook?

I have for a long time felt very guilty “Ignoring” someone’s friend request on Facebook. Clicking that Ignore button felt like a total rejection to people who were interested in connecting. Now the Subscribe option eases that guilt because I do not have to cut others off from me.  Since I am all about networking, […]

Social Media for Peace

September 11 is a great day for me to steep myself more deeply into the mindset of peace. The benefits of practicing and contemplating peace are so vast. You have the ability to create a powerful ripple effect. I invite you to slow your mind down for a few moments and contemplate how you can […]

13 Hot Facebook Marketing Tips From Top Pros

Facebook continues to be the most powerful social network on the planet with over 750 million active users. Businesses simply cannot ignore Facebook as part of their online marketing strategy. We spoke with top marketing book authors and Facebook brand managers. Take your Facebook marketing to a new level with these hot Facebook marketing tips […]

Benefits and Guidelines for Using Social Media to Develop Relationships

Social networking is here to stay. Popular videos like the one here, point to the compelling reality about what’s happening and great benefits of developing online connections. The key is to balance your time and activities online. Public social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn allow anyone with an email address to sign up, […]

Quick Look At Facebook Fan Pages Changes

You can count on one thing on Facebook… change. The most recent update rolled out new Pages features and format (as opposed to your Profile). You have until March 10, 2011 to make the change voluntarily. After that, your pages will automatically be updated. That being said, your pages can be seen in the new […]

How to Secure Your Custom Username URL for Facebook

Updated July 15, 2012 You can reserve a custom URL for BOTH your facebook profile and an additional custom URL for your fan page. Have you ever wondered how some people have gotten their facebook domain address to be customized? It is important for promoting the link on business cards, websites, email signatures and advertisements. […]

Link Your Facebook Profile to Your Fan Page

How To Link Your Facebook Profile to Your Fan Page When you make it easy for people to find your fan page. you will get more visitors and people liking your page. Since most people will search for you by name, it would be most advantageous to have links from your profile to your fan […]