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Beginners Guide To Periscope For Business

One of the hottest and latest social media darling apps is Periscope and of course marketers are finding ways to use Periscope for business. The explosive adoption of this video livestreaming app just points to my prediction for 2015 being the year of video and visual content marketing. Today we are going to give you […]

How to Stand Out Using Facebook Ads Marketing

Facebook continues to dominate as one of the most effective platforms for social media marketing available today. In fact, according to Mike Stelzner’s 2015 report during the Social Media Marketing World Conference, 93% of marketers surveyed use Facebook while 62% of Marketers surveyed  plan to increase their use of Facebook to promote their products and […]

5 Best Practices for Facebook Link Ads

Facebook recently put on a first class social media training complete with tips on making Facebook ads better. Mari Smith emceed the event and moderated a panel of local businesses who are using Facebook and Instagram successfully. This panel followed Jonathan Czaja (Director of Small Business at Facebook) who shared all about the the great […]

Social Media Best Practices

Laura sat with Robert Imbriale during the Profit Conference in Carlsbad, CA to recap and share some of the best practices and the trends in this ever-changing, forever evolving world of social media, in a lively, fun and informative webinar broadcast that you may have seen in the last blog post. This is a summary and further explanation of […]

Social Media Marketing for 2015 – Profit Conference Interview

Social media for 2015 is going to be bigger than ever. Robert Imbriale  interviewed me at the end of 2014 on all things social media. I shared what’s hot for 2015. The discussion included everything from social advertising to video, plus user generated content and engagement. And a whole lot more. Watch the interview below: I offered up the Savvy […]

How To Optimize Social Media Campaigns with MavSocial Visual Content Manager

In this blog post I explore the reporting features that the MavSocial Visual Content Manager has and how to use it to optimize a campaign. The key to getting best results online according to most digital marketers I’ve heard repeatedly is split test your content. In social media, one of the easiest tools for setting […]

How To Conquer Social Media Overwhelm

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, frustrated and downright stuck in your small business? You’re not alone. I hear people say stuff like this all the time especially when they want to conquer social media overwhelm. Overwhelm occurs when you feel like you have so much to do and can’t possibly see how you can get it […]

LinkedIn Marketing Enhanced By Optimizing – 5 Tips For Small Business

More than three million registered members currently use LinkedIn, according to the professional networking site, and an average of two new users join every second. While many businesses and job seekers turn to LinkedIn to post and find jobs, the social network also operates as a great business marketing tool. Drive sales for your small […]

Social Media Marketing Not A Fad According To Research

Every year since 2009, Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner has conducted social media study with marketers to find out the impact of social media on their business growth. As far as I can tell with all indicators, social media for business is on the rise. Since the first study 6 years ago, the numbers have had […]