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How To Optimize Social Media Campaigns with MavSocial Visual Content Manager

In this blog post I explore the reporting features that the MavSocial Visual Content Manager has and how to use it to optimize a campaign. The key to getting best results online according to most digital marketers I’ve heard repeatedly is split test your content. In social media, one of the easiest tools for setting […]

Visually Based Social Media Management Tool – Review of MavSocial

According to Chris Hodgeman of MavSocial, there are over 110 widely used social media management platforms available. But none of them address sourcing and managing visual content except for MavSocial. I am testing out this platform for visual content management. For organizations who have multiple people engaging on the social networks on behalf of the […]

3 Ways To Impress Your Customers Using Social Media

Businesses are flocking to social media at an unprecedented rate. Many businesses are growing their following and brand popularity because they are doing things right. Some brands, however, are like those birds that don’t really know where they’re going and slam into a wall or window unexpectedly.  Like the birds, brands can “miss the mark” […]

Why You Want to Know Who is Commenting on Your Brand via Social Monitoring

I already knew of the growing use of social media throughout the world. Anyone breathing and communicating would. What I did not know is that a new field has been created for those interested in gathering, evaluating, analyzing, reporting and acting on social media data. That’s right – who would have thought that the comments […]