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Social Media Marketing for 2015 – Profit Conference Interview

Social media for 2015 is going to be bigger than ever. Robert Imbriale  interviewed me at the end of 2014 on all things social media. I shared what’s hot for 2015. The discussion included everything from social advertising to video, plus user generated content and engagement. And a whole lot more. Watch the interview below: I offered up the Savvy […]

How To Market To Millennials

Ryan Charles is a Classic Millennial open and creative guy with advice on how to market to Gen Y. Ever since I met him over a year ago, I noticed his fun loving attitude and highly sociable nature. So when he mentioned to me that he was asked to help with marketing to Generation Y, I wanted […]

Social Media Marketing Not A Fad According To Research

Every year since 2009, Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner has conducted social media study with marketers to find out the impact of social media on their business growth. As far as I can tell with all indicators, social media for business is on the rise. Since the first study 6 years ago, the numbers have had […]

Why Klout Matters According to Joel Comm

Klout defines influence as the “ability to drive action. When you share something on social media or in real life and people respond, that’s influence.”  Responding on social media includes likes, shares, comments, purchases, etc. The more response you garner the higher your Klout score. Recently in a casual conversation with Joel Comm, the topic […]

3 Steps To Maximizing Conferences Like Social Media Marketing World #SMMW14

One of the BEST run conferences I attended last year was Social Media Marketing World. Event planners have a huge challenge to meet the needs of masses of people, and Michael Stelzner and his team pulled it off incredibly well for their first major event. Having more than 1,000 attendees, they made everyone comfortable and […]

How To Request LinkedIn Recommendations From Connections

In order to receive killer LinkedIn recommendations you need to know how to request them from within LinkedIn. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to find the “Request a Recommendation” section from within your profile. Keep in mind that you must be a first level connection with someone first before requesting a recommendation from them. […]

How To Get Great LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn is the best social media platform to present your professional history along with endorsements.  No matter what line of work you’re in, having glowing recommendations throughout your profile will serve you well. For example, when a client or potential employer asks you for references you can point them to your LinkedIn profile. All Recommendations […]

Research: Why Social Media Optimization is Important

Are you paying attention to using keywords to optimize your social media profiles and content? Any online marketer will tell you that keywords still play an important part of your SEO. This also applies to social media not only for the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to find your social media content, but […]

7 Keys To Being A Small Business Influencer [Infographic]

For the second year in a row, I’ve been honored with a nomination for the Small Business Influencer Award 2013.  This year it has inspired me to take a look at how one becomes a business or person of influence and what the value of that is. Over the years of growing my practice, I […]