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3 Great Ways to Do Keyword Research

Listening to SEO experts about Google’s Panda and Penguin changes, most say superior content is going to get you ranked better than using blackhat, backlinking and other questionable techniques. Being a supporter of high quality content online, I was excited to hear that. So how do you determine what kind of content is valuable and […]

The Chris Voss Show: Featuring Trends In Social Media with co-host Laura Rubinstein

Chris Voss of reached out to me to co-host his podcast where he covers  Social Media Topics, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and others. Chris is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the digital world. We covered details about LinkedIn Skills Endorsements, social network for the digerati, the rumored release of the mini-iPad, […]

11 Important Reasons to Move to The Big Storage Unit In The Sky

No, this isn’t about the afterlife.  It’s about how you can store files someplace that never runs out of room, and back up your important data in a safe place outside your home or office. Corporations store their data backup in salt mines and high security off-site locations.  That’s a little extreme (and expensive) for […]

Read Your Client’s Mind and Develop High Power Marketing Strategies

Who knew that the writing techniques for character development could be used in developing a successful marketing strategy? During a recent Social Buzz U webinar, Lana McAra explained how to get clear on what your clients want and integrate that information into your online and offline marketing strategies. If you want to make more money […]

Best Project Management Tool with Staying Power BizPad

Stumped with organizing projects, keeping track of document changes, and the email communication overload with regard to changes on various business projects, I started using the BizPad project management tool. Unlike Basecamp, ManyMoon, PivotalTracker, TeamWorkpm, Google Docs, and countless others that I have tried and abandoned, BizPad has had the BEST staying power for me […]